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Farm Insurance

Compare Farm Insurance in Newcastle, NSW. Ausure Newcastle’s offers tailored Farm Insurance solutions designed to provide financial protection for your farm.

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Find and Compare Farm Insurance in Newcastle and surrounds.

Farm Insurance provides a range of insurance solutions under one easy to manage policy for those involved in the agricultural industry. Ausure Newcastle understands the complex nature of this industry, so we make sure to provide customisable and tailored policies for each farm. Whether you require hobby farm insurance for your small farm or rural working farm insurance, we’ve got you covered. Our policies can cover a wide range of risks and include a plethora of policies like Public and Products Liability, Home and Contents, Theft, Motor Vehicle, Machinery Breakdown, and more. Our team has years of experience assisting locals in managing their farm-related risks and finding the best policy for them.

As one of the region’s leading insurance brokers, we can navigate the insurance market and utilise our relationships with insurers for you. We aim to get you the most comprehensive and cost-effective NSW Farmers Insurance policy covering all your risks and assets. Ausure Newcastle’s brokers are farm insurance specialists that are passionate about advocating for you. We can offer you advice and support with assistance when it comes to making a claim.

What type of Farms and Rural Businesses in Newcastle can our Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers assist with?

  • Dairy Farms: Dairy farms in Newcastle face risks such as livestock disease, equipment breakdown, and milk contamination. 

  • Crop Farms: Crop farms require insurance to cover risks like weather damage, pests, and crop failure.

  • Livestock Farms: Livestock farms, including cattle, sheep, and poultry farms, need insurance to cover risks such as animal disease, theft, and liability claims.

  • Organic Farms: Organic farms face unique challenges, including certification requirements, pest control, and crop failure.

  • Viticulture and Wineries: Viticulture and wineries in Newcastle require insurance to cover risks such as crop failure, equipment breakdown, and liability claims.

  • Equine Farms: Equine farms, including horse breeding and training facilities, require insurance to cover risks such as animal injury, theft, and liability claims.
  • Horticulture Farms: Horticulture farms, including fruit, vegetable, and flower growers, need insurance to cover risks like crop damage, theft, and liability claims. 

  • Poultry Farms: Poultry farms face risks related to disease outbreaks, equipment failure, and liability claims. 

  • Aquaculture Farms: Aquaculture farms, including fish and shellfish farms, require insurance to cover risks such as water quality issues, disease outbreaks, and equipment damage.

  • Agri-Tourism Businesses: Agri-tourism businesses, including farm stays, petting zoos, and farm tours, need insurance to cover risks such as visitor injuries, property damage, and liability claims. 

Essential Tips for Choosing Farm Insurance in Newcastle

  • Assess Your Specific Farm Risks: Identify the unique risks associated with your farm operations, such as weather-related damage, livestock disease, and equipment breakdown. Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers can help you conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure all potential hazards are covered.


  • Understand Different Types of Coverage: Learn about the various types of farm insurance, including crop insurance, livestock insurance, equipment insurance, and liability coverage. Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers will explain the benefits and limitations of each coverage type to match your farm’s specific needs.
  • Factor in Farm Size and Scope: Consider the size and scope of your farm operations when determining the amount of coverage needed. Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers will tailor your insurance plan to fit your farm size and specific operational demands.


  • Review and Update Your Policy Regularly: Regularly review and update your insurance policy to reflect changes in your farm operations, asset portfolio, and risks. Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers will assist you in regularly updating your policy to match your evolving business needs.
  • Consider Business Interruption Insurance: Ensure your farm has business interruption insurance to cover lost income and operating expenses if your operations are disrupted by an insured event. Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers will help you secure comprehensive business interruption coverage to maintain financial stability during unforeseen disruptions.


  • Seek Professional Advice: Consult with an insurance broker or advisor to get expert guidance on choosing the right insurance coverage for your farm operations. Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers offers expert advice and personalized service to help you navigate complex insurance options.

Ausure Newcastle Insurance Brokers - Farm Quote Request

You can upload a copy of your most recent policy schedule below, which will save time and help us understand what type of insurance you need. 

What types of Insurance covers are available for Farm related businesses?

Farm Property Insurance

Covers buildings, machinery, equipment, and other structures essential to the farm's operations. This insurance provides financial protection against damage from fire, storms, theft, and other risks.

Farm Liability Insurance

Offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims that may arise from farm operations. It protects against legal liabilities if someone is injured on your property or if your activities cause damage to another's property.

Crop Insurance

Provides financial protection against loss of crops due to natural disasters like drought, flood, and hail, as well as disease and pests. This ensures that farmers can recover from significant losses affecting their income.

Livestock Insurance

Covers financial losses due to the death or injury of livestock from accidents, disease, or other covered events. This is crucial for farms relying heavily on animal husbandry.

Farm Vehicle Insurance

Insures vehicles used for farm operations, such as tractors, trucks, and other machinery. It covers damages from accidents, theft, and other incidents, ensuring that your essential equipment is protected.

Farm Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Covers repair or replacement costs for essential farm equipment that breaks down due to mechanical or electrical issues. This helps in minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.

Hay, Straw, and Feed Insurance

Protects against the loss of stored hay, straw, and feed due to fire, theft, or other covered perils. This ensures that critical resources for livestock are safeguarded.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance covers your business vehicles against accidents, theft, and damage. Ensure your transportation operations are protected with reliable motor insurance tailored to your commercial needs.

Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works Insurance covers construction projects against risks such as property damage, theft, and liability during the course of construction. Ensure your engineering projects are protected from start to finish with comprehensive contract works insurance.

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