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Ausure Insurance & Finance Eastwood


At Ausure Insurance & Finance Eastwood, we specialise in providing comprehensive support for commercial and industrial insurance needs. Our tailored services encompass a diverse range of sectors, ensuring that businesses receive the protection they require to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape. One of the key areas of our expertise lies in commercial strata insurance, offering coverage solutions specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by commercial strata properties.

Industrial warehousing is another critical facet of our offerings, catering to businesses involved in storage, logistics, and distribution. Our insurance solutions for industrial warehousing are crafted to safeguard against potential risks such as property damage, theft, and other operational liabilities that may arise within these complex environments.

In the realm of maritime activities, we specialise in Marine Cargo, Hull & P&I Insurances, delivering comprehensive coverage for businesses involved in shipping, transportation, and related maritime ventures. Our extensive knowledge of the marine industry allows us to provide tailored solutions that mitigate risks associated with the transportation of goods across seas and oceans.

While our expertise spans a wide array of commercial and industrial sectors, it’s important to note that we do not handle personal line insurances. Our focus is specifically on the unique challenges and complexities faced by businesses, ensuring that our clients receive the specialised attention and coverage necessary for their commercial endeavors.

It’s worth mentioning that our services extend beyond insurance products; we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Business operators interested in leveraging our expertise can easily get in touch with us. Whether through email, where they can articulate their specific needs and objectives, or a simple phone call, our dedicated team is ready to assist and guide them through the process of securing the right insurance solutions for their enterprise. We take pride in our commitment to understanding the intricacies of each client’s business and tailoring our services to meet their distinct requirements.

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Ausure Insurance & Finance Eastwood

Ph: 0410 507 033
Mobile:   +61 410 507 033
Tel:           +61 2 4626 6707
Fax:          +61 2 4626 6462

Postal Address: PO Box 166, Macarthur Square NSW 2560

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Ausure Insurance & Finance Eastwood

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