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Our Managing Director, Alex, is carrying on an established family history with a strong foundation in the insurance sector. Peter Dunbar, his father, has been a prominent person for more than 25 years. He has owned and run a very profitable brokerage. Because of his strong family background, Alex not only has experience but also a long history of excellence and a deep comprehension of the subtleties of the field.

Alex stands out for his creative approach to problem-solving. He doesn’t only go along the traditional routes, he enjoys going against the grain. He frequently ventures into unknown waters to address challenging insurance situations. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients, offering support when other approaches are insufficient. Alex takes on challenges when customers seek coverage that appears to be out of the market or when insurers indicate restrictions.

He has a thorough awareness of the industry, which shows in his ability to identify specific hazards and provide customised solutions. Alex sees possibilities where others would perceive barriers. Using his broad network, knowledge, and forward-thinking approach, he thrives on finding solutions for customers that others would consider unachievable.

This dedication to innovation and individualised care is engrained in the culture of Dunbar Insurance. We are committed to going above and above, shattering barriers, and making sure our clients get the finest solutions available, especially when faced with obstacles that appear insurmountable.

Alex leads a team that is not just knowledgeable but also possesses a mindset that values innovation, flexibility, and a commitment to provide customers the security they require—regardless of how unusual their insurance requirements may appear. With a history of expertise and a dedication to identifying solutions that go beyond traditional bounds, you can rely on Dunbar Insurance to help you understand the intricacies of insurance.

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