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SWOT: Why Every Business Needs One

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of insurance broking, it is crucial for businesses to have a clear understanding of their internal and external environments.

Why Broker Fees are Important

In today’s world, inflation is an ever-present economic reality. Prices rise, costs escalate, and businesses must adapt to maintain their financial stability.

Management Liability Insurance

Why every business needs to use an Insurance Broker

Ausure Insurance Brokers take the time to understand your insurance requirements so we can provide you with quotes from insurers that provide the cover that is right for you. We will discuss the quotes with you in detail, so you can understand the differences between the policies and make an informed decision based on inclusions as well as budget.

Ausure Emerging Talent

Ausure, one of Australia’s largest insurance brokers, understands the value of investing in its people, and this commitment extends to its emerging broker talent.

Brush It Off Challenges For Startups

eorgia Spicer is the founder and owner of a unique and innovative product concept that came to life in 2017 with the first-ever sketch design of the tool. Brush It Off is all about making your life easier and gives homeowners a practical way to handle the necessary housekeeping chore of cleaning their toilets.

How to stay afloat in a volatile market

We caught up with one of the Ausure Group’s largest and founding offices, financial services veteran Tim Dale of Ausure Echuca, to find out how his business is staying strong through these times.

Ausure Camping Trip 2022 Wrap-Up

Over 120 staff, insurers and brokers from around Australia came together for a long weekend of food, drinks, activities and to enjoy each other’s company at the Canungra Showgrounds, on the Gold Coast Hinterlands.

Ausure Professional Risks

crucial message to all brokers and policyholders – Understanding the product and the ability to break down wording is key.


What value should I insure my commercial building for?

It is such an important question and could be one of the most important decisions you will make. Setting an accurate sum insured insurance for the replacement of your building is crucial and you need to get right if you are to be protected should your building be damaged or destroyed.

Cyber Crime – Why EVERY Business needs to heed the warning.

Unfortunately even the most Cyber Safety aware staff and business owners can still be ‘Cyber Attacked’. It’s not just on you – if you have staff, the risk of them opening an email, clicking on a link or accidentally sharing confidential client information is even greater.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Defamation Insurance: Who needs it and why?

In the age of social media, if you or one of your employees writes or says something false or defamatory about someone, you could be accused of libel or slander and wind up in court. Even if the accusations of defamation are inaccurate, you may still have legal fees.

Home Insurance

Why house insurance premiums can be deceiving

Not all Home and Contents insurance policies are created equal, with the rising cost of living and inflation predicted to hit 7.2 percent, many homeowners are looking to tighten their belts when it comes to premiums paid.

Ausure Networking Meeting

Ausure Regional Networking Meetings Officially Underway

The first Ausure Regional Networking Meetings since 2019 have officially kicked off, with a meeting held in Brisbane on the 5th of July at the Victoria Park Golf Club followed by the Sunshine Coast Networking Meeting, which was held on the 7th of July at the Sunshine Coast Mantra.

Ways to reduce your business insurance premium 

Our brokers have continued to assist their clients head on with the ever-hardening market with decreased availability, higher premiums, lower policy limits, increased excesses, limiting exclusions, and less competition between insurers. 

M&M Insurance Podcasts – Insurance news, updates and education delivered differently.

There are now 23 podcasts available to stream on Spotify, each one under 30 minutes. John and Mick use the platform to discuss their views and valuable insights on the latest industry updates and news affecting Australian Insurance Brokers – ranging from ‘what general advice means’, client placement and operational planning all the way through to remuneration transparency and the importance of getting to know your client.


Does Public Liability Cover my Staff?

Public liability is a big deal. If a client visits your business or your employees visit client sites you are at risk of a third party claim – that claim may be for personal injury or property damage.

Tradies Insurance Business Owners

5 ways to prevent tool theft

If you operate a small business within the trades or services industry, it’s likely you have equipment integral to the everyday running of your business. Insurers are seeing a sharp rise in tool or general equipment theft. Without your tools, getting on with the job can be impossible. Not to mention the expense of having to replace tools or stock.

Reviewing sum insured: do you have enough cover for the post-Covid world?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses around the world in different ways. Here in Australia, the insurance industry – and the companies it protects – have seen new costs and challenges. Nick Dendrinos, NTI’s Head of Motor Portfolio, took time out to explain how the industry is travelling and how businesses can make sure they’re ready for the challenges ahead.

Cyber Security Risks in Digital Supply

(CYBER) Security risks in digital supply chain’s

Production and supply chains are constantly yo-yoing in the midst of Covid-19life. From a digital perspective, Cyber supply chains are complex series of interactions across the lifecycle of all products and services used by an organisation.


4 Things you need to know when considering Truck Fleet Insurance

When considering Insurance for a transport business most go directly to a Comprehensive conventional policy without considering alternatives. Whilst the products on the surface look the same, the way they are managed can have huge impacts on future premiums and the businesses themselves.

Why now is the time to join Ausure

2022 marks an exciting new chapter for Ausure and Business owners who choose to be part of our dealer group.
With our leading-edge technology capabilities and functionalities, the digital sales strategy well and truly underway, and more access to services and support initiatives than ever – now is the time to join Ausure.

Ausure Launches Robotic Quoting For its ARs

Ausure Launches Robotic Quoting For its ARs

Through its partnership with 247 Systems, Ausure has released automated quoting software in the latest version of its digital program. The project is aimed at improving the efficiency of their AR’s and broking staff.

The only constant in life is Change

Reflecting on all the change the industry has been through in the past few years, I firmly believe at Ausure we got this, because we are among the strongest in the business (brokers across the country and head office teams) working together, achieving all we’ve achieved so far. We can break down each change that comes up into practical, approachable pieces. Here’s to a strong and prosperous 2022.

Celebrating what makes us Ausure

Time is a testament to how good relationships are. If you treat people the right way, they’re more likely to stay in touch. Evidence of friendships and trust that have lasted the test of time can be found in abundance among the Ausure family of AR’s, many of whom have known each other since the inception of Ausure (and AFM) 25 years ago and even far beyond that.

Ausure Head Office put on their Elf hats to help kids in need

Every year Ausure staff are given the opportunity to receive a list from a child. When the lists starts rolling in, you can feel the buzz of excitement throughout the office as the staff ‘aka elves’, eagerly read through their given list and share their child’s wishes with other staff in the office. This year, Ausure staff have made sure 30 disadvantaged children will have something to open on Christmas morning.

Ausure Insurance Brokers announces top achievers for 2021

“Excellence, professionalism, innovation and caring family values are the essence of what Ausure has been about since the company started 25 years ago. We are proud of all the people in our network of 233 insurance brokers situated in 112 locations across Australia and New Zealand,” says Graeme Lilley, Ausure General Manager – Distribution

Hay, Grain & Fertiliser – check your insurance

“We are seeing reports about predicted shortages or supply chain issues with some farm inputs such as fertiliser,” informs Ausure Insurance Brokers Rural & Distribution Manager in WA, Grant Brokenshire.

“Farmers are being encouraged to order early, incentives are being provided for early delivery (requiring storage on farm) and the values of those inputs are rising.”

“There are also reports of more harvested crops (including hay, grain, and seed) being stored on farm,” explains Brokenshire.

Landlord Insurance

Planning a trip away these holidays?

10 Easy steps to keep your home safe while you’re on holidays. Make sure you follow Ausure’s safety checklist to help ensure your home stays safe these holidays!

Which Ausure branch has been growing the fastest?

Despite the challenges of Covid which have hit many businesses and industries hard, there are some businesses which have continued to grow.

Ausure insurance brokers have been working even harder than before, finding innovative ways to stay in contact with clients, even during restrictions, and continued to strive to service clients’ insurance and risk management needs in the most professional, caring and dedicated manner, as they have always done.

Business Insurance

Developing leaders at Ausure

Ausure is delighted to announce two members of our team have been honoured with selection to participate in Chubb’s Aspire Women’s Leadership Programme. Ellie Laidlaw is Chief Financial Officer for the Ausure Group and Liz Alexandre leads the Broking Team at Ausure Insurance Brokers Brisbane.

Your website is the most important sales tool you have, here are some easy ways to make sure it’s performing how it should.

Websites. Almost every business has one, but chances it’s not something you pay much attention to other than updating the odd telephone number or adding a new staff member. 62% of consumers will disregard a business if they can’t find them online.

Let’s face it, Insurance Brokers aren’t exactly considered a hot topic. Unlike clothing brands or the big 4 banks, there’d be very few people that can rattle off Insurance Brokers names off the top of their heads… so what do people do? They search. Being visible on search engines is the most important thing you can do for the benefit of your business.

Business Insurance

Tips to assist with compliance and efficiency of your business

We can celebrate some of the innovations that have come out of the pandemic. Over the past 18 months, Ausure has pivoted, creating a new desktop Audit process that has allowed us to continue uninterrupted while on-site compliance audit visits were not permitted. This process has proven very effective and allowed us to complete annual audits of every Ausure office in record time.

Does your client have a pollution liability insurance exposure?

If your clients have a public liability policy but not for environmental liability they may face major losses. A major issue is first-party clean-up costs not just the perception of third-party damage and injury. It’s not just the obvious occupations that have an environmental liability risk, it can be property owners, hotel operators and even tradies such as landscapers.

Who will win Ausure’s Award of Excellence for 2021?

Who will win Ausure’s Award of Excellence for 2021? Excellence, innovation and family values are the essence of what Ausure has been about since the company started 25 years ago. We are proud of our network of 233 insurance brokers situated in 112 locations across Australia.

Farm Insurance Quote with Ausure

Expert Tips to evaluate your Farm Insurance

Here are some expert tips from an Insurance Broker to help you understand Liability Insurance on your farm. Consider what may or may not be covered by your farm insurance package. Has anything changed on your farm? How does this currently affect your farming activities and relevant cover? This article aims to help equip you to have those important discussions with your Insurance Broker to ensure you choose the best and most up-to-date insurance protection for your farm and livelihood.

Why has the insurance market changed?

Insurance is going through some historic changes at the moment. So, I thought a little summary of what we’re going through may help you make decisions to cover yourself correctly AND save some coin.

Firstly, do you know what a hard market and soft market are in General Insurance? Do you know which one we are in right now?

Generally, a hard market means your premiums could be higher and a soft market is the opposite. Right now, the insurance market is probably in the hardest market for a long, long time.

Work from home insurance

10 Tips for Working from Home

In Australia, prior to recent events, up to 31% of us had the ability to work from home or remotely from the office! A lot of insurance brokers have gone digital with their files, need to work on the road when visiting clients and provide a lot of client’s paperwork by email. So, work from home, in our industry is a whole lot more accessible.

Since covid lockdowns, we’re all getting pretty used to working from home. You might have followed best practices, to begin with, but like many things, we can all let good habits slip. So, if this is the case, here’s an easy refresher to bear in mind.

Small Business Marketing Tips

For small business owners and marketers, it is becoming increasingly harder to capture potential client’s attention, not just because of the saturated advertiser market but also the changing media environment.

The value of having a trusted Ausure insurance broker

We all know bad things happen. Fires, theft, floods or cybercrime can destroy businesses and livelihoods. Having the right insurance cover in place to help protect your assets and minimize risks is vital. It is often when devastating events happen, that people realize just how valuable their insurance broker can be.

What attracts brokers to Ausure?

There are solid reasons why insurance broking businesses chose, trust and remain with Ausure.

We asked Ausure’s Graeme Lilley, GM of Distribution, who assists offices around Australia: What attracts brokers to Ausure?

Why become an AR of Ausure?

6 great reasons to join Ausure
Big enough to have influence, small enough to care.
We are large enough to have substantial clout in the industry without losing the personal touch. Ausure is one of the largest licensees in Australia and has been operating for 25 years.

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