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Cameron Wilson

“I can confidently refer my clients to my Ausure insurance adviser because I know him to be ethical, accurate, punctual and has a good support team behind him. Mick absolutely cares for his clients – he’s readily accessible and goes the extra mile.
My Ausure adviser has an excellent knowledge of the insurance industry and makes sure people are correctly insured. He’s honest in that he’s not just trying to sell you something you don’t need. If you already have good cover in place when you consult with him, he’ll let you know and won’t try change it just to get the business.
Many people don’t really know how good their insurance policy is until they have a claim. Some only find out the hard way that they’re underinsured or not covered for things they just assumed they were. It really pays to have good advice from the start and that’s where the services of a professional adviser are invaluable. A adviser can suggest the best policy for your specific circumstances or type of business, as well as help with the claims process including arguing your case with the insurer.
I can wholeheartedly recommend my Ausure adviser as he believes in good old fashioned service and stands by his word. He leaves a good impression on people.”

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