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Tina Whitman

“I’ve recommended my Ausure insurance adviser to many of my clients as she’s really professional and provides great service. She’s also priced well and has managed to save me money on premiums.

We’re all so busy these days but my Ausure adviser manages to take all the hard work out of insurance which makes life easier. She makes me feel confident my business is covered. She is really good at explaining insurance in ways I can understand and has helped out when I had problems with my insurance company. She’s also very available and accessible to sit in on meetings with clients which is a help.

You can’t ever be sure you’re properly covered if you’ve taken an insurance policy online. I value the face to face interaction and contact I have with my insurance adviser and, most of all, the assurance of knowing I’m covered for my particular circumstances. It’s that personal feeling that she cares that got her my business.”

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