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Farming and Agriculture

The farming and agriculture industry makes up a significant proportion of Australia’s economy providing food and produce for both the domestic and export markets. Because of climate change, increase in fires, floods or other disasters, insurers often impose rapidly rising premiums which can remain high for many years. Since 2009, many farms have seen a rapid rise in insurance premiums due to the increased numbers of fires, disasters and major losses on farms. Helping agribusiness clients manage this, in the good and the hard times, has become a big part of the Ausure business.

Each farm or agribusiness is a little different, and getting the best premiums and cover often relies on properly representing the business to insurers. We show them the breadth of operations, the technology improvements, the tradedealings, and the quality controls used by good farmers to offset some of the inevitable risks. Our Ausure Advisers understand the agriculture and farming industry well, living and working in the major farming areas of Australia and they take pride in helping farms manage risk and cost at the same time.

What insurance should you consider?

Tools Insurance

Tool theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Australia. If you woke up to find your tools stolen, could you go to work?

Farm Insurance

Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance can provide cover against major perils such as hail and fire. It also covers crop against damage resulting from chemical overspray or straying livestock.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance can cover you for the financial loss that could come from losing any of your livestock either as a result of death or

Farm Insurance Package

Farm Insurance Why do you need Farm Insurance? Having the right insurance in place for your farm is crucial. Farm insurance in Australia offers a

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance can cover a range of liabilities that an employer may face following wrongful termination, refusal to employ, failure to promote, demotion, disciplinary action,

Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance can protect Directors and Officers for legal liability they may incur personally in managing a corporation, it also extends to the corporation

Machinery Insurance

Machinery Insurance can cover physical loss or damage to equipment caused by mechanical breakdown. Industries Manufacturing Mining Hospitality Retail Trade Administrative and Support services Aviation

Industrial Special Risks Insurance

An Industrial Special Risks Insurance policy typically protects the Insured against losses involving assets and business interruption arising from physical loss or damage to the

Public and Products Liability Insurance

Public/Products Liability Insurance offers coverage over legal liability to third parties for damage arising as the result of an occurrence in connection with the insured’s business, premises or products against bodily injury or property damage.

Commercial Motor

A Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance policy can provide cover against theft and accidents for business vehicles and trucks. Industries Logistics Building and Construction Real Estate

Motor Fleet Insurance

A Fleet Policy covers company cars and trucks under the one insurance policy. It can save a business significant time on administration. A variety of flexible

Office Package Insurance

Office Package insurance offers protection against office-related risks for commercial offices, including coverage for consultants, medical practitioners and other professionals. Office Package insurance may include

Business Package Insurance

A Business Package Insurance policy offers protection against a variety of risks for businesses in all industry sectors. Business Package insurance includes property, business interruption,

Accident and Health

Insurance coverage that can protect policyholders from losses incurred from injuries resulting from accidents or illness. Covers products such as Personal & Group Accident &

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Policy

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Policy insurance covers unmanned aerial vehicles whilst in flight, any loss or damage to the UAV and provides public liability insurance to

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