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Insurance by Industry

Insurance advice, tailored to your business, whether you are a business owner, contractor, sole trader, industry professional and more...

Insurance Coverage by Industry Sector

Associations & Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance

Ausure are able to assist Not-For-Profit, Charities, Churches and Local Clubs with their insurance needs. Contact us today for an obligation free assessment of your insurance requirements. 

Aviation Insurance

With the right aviation insurance, your business can be covered for risks such as aircraft damage, third party, passenger injury or third party property damage claims.​

Tradies Insurance​

Whether you need cover for your tools or liability insurance to get on the worksite - Ausure have you covered.​

Small Business​

Our Ausure Advisers are well versed in the risks associated with all approaches to business, whether they are conventional and traditional or emerging services, to ensure that you are advised about the specific risks involved and suitably protected. ​


From local colleges to national universities the insurance needs of this professional industry is vital to our national education framework. Our Advisers are experts in considering the needs of the education industry working with you to negotiate a pathway with large, small and specialty insurers across this industry.

Safety Services

It is expected that safety and security businesses have current and adequate insurance policies to protect themselves and of course the other contracting party as obliged under the contract. Our Advisers regularly service those in the security and safety industries, helping them identify and protect against those liabilities imposed upon them.

Professional and Consulting Services

Professional and consulting services are varied in nature, and each is exposed to its own types of risks. Our Ausure Advisers can advise you about the extent of insurance protection available and how to avoid unexpected and unwanted policy exclusions that wipe out important cover when you need it.

Private: Financial Services

It is critical to source a policy that properly covers your severe exposures at a price that you can afford. Ausure Advisers operate in all the major sectors of the financial sector and have the expertise to ensure that if the worst happens you have appropriate cover in place to make sure your business can cope with the event.

Real Estate and Commercial Property​

Loss prevention can be the key together with carefully arranged insurance covers with responsive claims management with affordable policy excesses. This cuts across policies for professional liability owed to others, general liability, material damage to existing structures or those under construction, loss of income. Let an Ausure Adviser guide you through the maze and find the right fit.

IT and Communication

The worldwide technology industry is fast and complex and needs insurance cover to suit. The associated risks are significant and it is important for your chosen adviser to focus on the work you perform and the products you supply to ensure you are adequately covered.


Our Ausure Advisers understand the challenges and intricacies of the transport and logistics industry and seek to add value by helping clients to handle and mitigate claims. We have strong relationships with specialist insurance providers who are pivotal in providing the right insurance and back it up with good claims service.

Building and Construction Insurance

Building and construction is an industry where contract risk and contractor liability need to be carefully understood and managed. Ausure has specialist Insurance Advisers who know their way around construction sites.

Retail Trade

Our Ausure Advisers understand retail and will help you consider all the things that might affect your business operations – even liability arising from your products including your obligation to recall them if they are likely to endanger your customers.


Tourism and hospitality are important pillars of our economy, but running a tourism business isn’t always easy. Our Ausure Advisers understand the issues facing tourism and hospitality better than most and will help you ensure your business is covered for the risks you face.

Wholesale Trade

Wholesale trade businesses are often exposed to significant risks from fire damage to warehouse buildings and contents including machinery and products. We have specialist Ausure Advisers who are experienced in the management of wholesale trade business insurance policies.


The Ausure teams are experienced in working with mining companies and contractors working across the mining industry and have found that with a diligent approach using the right information in a professional presentation, some major insurers are willing to negotiate fair solutions to drive project success.


Manufacturing is an industry filled with risks that need careful management. Our Ausure Advisers understand the challenges of manufacturing. They also know that the solution will not be found in only one policy but over a package of policies that dovetail to best protect you and your business against loss.

Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance: Inland Transit policies can cover goods being transported within Australia by road, rail, air or boat.

Farming & Agriculture Insurance

Each farm or agribusiness is a little different, and getting the best premiums and cover often relies on properly representing the business to insurers. Our Ausure Advisers understand the agriculture and farming industry well, living and working in the major farming areas of Australia and they take pride in helping farms manage risk and cost at the same time.
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