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Lodge a Claim

Lodging a Claim

In the event of a claim, it is important that you know your policy details, and who to contact. Make sure you keep details of your policy in a safe spot in the same place, or close to your insured premises.

Stop! Before you think about your claim…

  1.  Do you need to contact emergency services? If yes, please call 000.

  2.  Look around. Are you or those around you hurt or need assistance?

  3. Is the location you are in safe? Is there a threat to you or those around you?

After-Hours Emergency Claims

Before completing the claims lodgment form below – please read our After-Hours information to ensure you follow the correct steps.

Make-Safe Emergency Contacts

Johns Lyng Emergency Response –  1300 736 000

RPF1300 722 261 –

Emergency Trade Services1300 755 455 –

What about the cost?
Relax! You are not required to pay upfront for these emergency services, as they are normally claimed on your insurance, subject to having the suitable insurance; However, please take the time to check with us that your insurance is suitable for your needs. If the policy is not correct then you may wear the cost of the incident to your property as well as the repairs you made.

Can I contact my insurer after hours?
Yes. Most insurers have a direct Claims department for lodgement. But if you cannot find this number OR you cannot immediately get through, you can still arrange emergency “make-safe” repairs to your property.

How do I arrange Make-Safe emergency repairs?
Ausure have Australia wide Emergency repairers at your disposal. You can contact these companies 24/7 to make the necessary emergency repairs and simply speak to the Ausure team, or your Insurer the next business day to formally lodge the claim.

Please note, it is part of your responsibility to ensure the necessary repairs are made to help reduce any further damage occurring.

Important Claim Tips!

  • Take photos of the damaged items, If possible
    keep damaged items for inspection if assessor is
  • Arrange makesafe repairs if necessary, see details of emergency repairers noted above
  • Obtain a detailed repairers report to confirm
    the cause of damage and if the item needs
    replacement or can be repaired
  • Provide a quote to repair/replace the lost items
  • Provide proof of ownership for all lost items
  • Report all Stolen items to the police and request a
    copy of the Police report
  • If the claim occurs during business hours, you can call your broker. If you don’t have the details of your broker handy you can contact Ausure Head Office who will transfer your call – 1300 587 225. If it occurs outside of hours, please lodge the claim directly with the insurer (you will be able to find this on your policy documents). 

Notify us of a Claim

Please note that by completing this form you are not lodging your claim – this is notifying Ausure Head Office of a claim only. Once received, we will pass this on to your Insurance Broker.

If you know who your Insurance Broker is, please contact them directly to notify them of a claim instead. 

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