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The M&M Insurance Podcast

Calling all Insurance Brokers! Are you over Webinars? Over formal presentations? We certainly are! So we’ve decided to do something about it. We’ve started our very own podcast so we can dive deep into insurance industry topics and issues, affecting us all. Each week, John Mills (Broking Manager) and Mick O’Bree (GM of Operations & Underwriting) take a deep dive into the latest insurance hot topics and explore what it means to insurance brokers around Australia. Tune in as they interview some of Australia’s leading Insurance Experts to get their thoughts and insights on what is happening in the Insurance industry.

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Podcast Episodes

MandM Podcast
#30 – SafetyCulture Care
Hi all, in this episode we have an industry stalwart who used his experience and entrepreneurship to create something new in the business insurance space. 
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