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11 Key Points to encourage Strong Cyber and Data Security

The last few weeks has put everyone on high alert to the growing threat of cyber and data hacking. As such, Ausure recently shared 11 key points that represent a solid foundation for strong cyber and data security with our brokers.

However, these don’t just apply to brokers, and we strongly encourage all businesses to adopt these safe practices to keep your and your client’s data safe. If you contract an external IT company, we suggest you discuss the below points to ensure they are being implemented.

1. Use complex passwords that are changed regularly and are kept secret from others

2. Ensure antivirus and Firewall are installed and up-to-date

3. Use Multi-Factor authentication everywhere it is an option

4. Check links in emails look legitimate before clicking on them

5. Ensure all technology devices have all appropriate security updates installed in a timely manner

6. Ensure email is scanned for and filtered for malicious contents/attachments

7. Lock your PC when unattended

8. Do not write down or save Credit Cards

9. Ensure you know who you’re talking to, both in email and calls

10. Encourage a culture of both healthy scepticism, and reporting potential incidents without reprisal

11. Impose a clear-desk policy to ensure private documents are secure when not actively in use


Taking the time to review the above and ensure you and your staff are familiar with them, will help your business fend off potential cyber and data attacks. However, should your business suffer a cyber attack, having a Cyber Insurance policy in place will assist with the costs and consequences as a result of the attack.

To chat to us about your possible Cyber Exposure, contact Ausure today for an obligation-free chat – we’re here to help.

David Boyes
IT Systems Administrator 
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