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Are you covered? – Mice Plague, Vermin Damage, Pet Damage

The mice plague in rural areas of NSW is well-reported and may last for a number of years. These vermin are causing a lot of damage to crops, buildings (including homes), contents and motor vehicles and plant. It is so bad in fact, that the New South Wales Government is now rolling out a support package for those affected. 

It is important to understand how your insurance policy may or may not respond if you suffer damage.

Does your policy respond to damage caused by mice?

Not all insurance policies are the same and it is important that you understand how your policy might respond to damage caused by mice but also damage caused by other vermin, birds or animals (including domestic pets). It is a timely reminder to check in with your insurance broker to seek advice.

Most policies are constructed in a similar manner. They will set out what is insured, what it is insured for and importantly what is not covered (Exclusions).

When looking at exclusions that are specific to vermin (including mice), it is important to check the wording thoroughly. You will find the Exclusions under headings such as “Exclusions”, “What we do not cover” and that sort of thing. Some exclusions will be general, in that they will apply to the whole policy, whilst others will be specific to a section of the policy.

Some will seek to exclude only the damage caused by vermin whilst the majority will exclude loss or damage “caused by or resulting from”, or the costs incurred from or of vermin. If mice chew through wiring for instance and that results in a fire then it is likely that not only would the wiring damage not be covered but the resultant fire damage would also be excluded.

Not Just your Home is At Risk

Policies with a Motor component (Farm package policies for instance) may not have an exclusion in the Motor section that excludes vermin damage to Motor vehicles or Mobile Plant.

Again, it is important that you check your policy thoroughly or check with an insurance broker to get the correct advice.

Grant Brokenshire – Rural & Distribution Manager

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