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Australian Landlord Insurance Introduces Automated Quoting Solution

Australian Landlord Insurance is a Brisbane based insurance brokerage that uses technology to offer specialised insurance solutions for landlords. Together with select property management agencies, ALI has the ability to offer multiple quotes instantly from some of the leading landlord insurance options available in the market.

“We’ve entered the landlord insurance market at the perfect time to shake up the competition. The industry is ripe for disruption and our innovative approach allows us to offer our clients the most competitive & comprehensive cover for their investment property. Utilising multiple insurers means we are able to work within each insurer’s risk appetite, without having to reduce coverage or exclude properties from our offering.” CJ Behne – Director Australian Landlord Insurance

Australian Landlord Insurance utilises proprietary software built in house, to integrate within the insurer’s existing systems. The automated quoting system allows ALI’s brokers to streamline their workflow, freeing up time to focus on ensuring client’s the best customer service possible.


Distribution In Partnership With Property Managers 

Australian Landlord Insurance is offered exclusively through a partnership select property management agencies.

“We’ve found that underwriting the property manager is almost as important as underwriting the property itself. A proactive property manager will always have fewer claims than an agent who does not carry out routines or follow up rent arrears. Reducing our preventable claims allows up to keep the pricing of our policies competitive, whilst still being able to provide superior coverage – more so than some other landlord insurance providers.”

Australian Landlord Insurance also provides clients and their property managers a ‘Claims Concierge Service’. Currently property managers are suffering increased wait & processing times for claims, having to follow up multiple times via Call Centres or shared claims inboxes. Each of ALI’s agencies are assigned an account manager who is their main point of contact for client questions, claims queries or policy information.


Australian Landlord Insurance is a digital initiative supported by The Strength of Ausure  

“Digital projects like Australian Landlord Insurance are important for traditional businesses because they provide opportunities to reach and engage with customers in new and effective ways. The integration of technology in broking can improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, market reach, and allow for data-driven decision making.”   Stephen Sloan, Ausure’s General Manager – Communications and Digital  


Who is Ausure & Steadfast 

Ausure is an Australian-based insurance brokerage firm. It provides a range of insurance products, including personal and business insurance, to clients throughout Australia. Ausure operates one of Australia’s largest AR Networks, and is part of the Steadfast network. 

Steadfast Group Limited is an Australian-based holding company that provides a range of services to the insurance industry. It is one of the largest insurance broker networks in the Asia-Pacific region and operates through a network of over 360 insurance brokerages in Australia and New Zealand. 

$11.1b Network brokerages GWP 427 Network brokerages and a ASX market capitalisation of $5.2b+ 


Australian Landlord Insurance Pty Ltd ABN: 21 621 500 203 | AR No. 1258626 
Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd ABN 94 096 971 854 AFSL No 238433


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