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Ausure Camping Trip Wrap-up for 2022!

If you didn’t make it to the Ausure Camping Trip last week, it was a case of “Well where the bloody hell were ya?”. Over 120 staff, insurers and brokers from around Australia came together for a long weekend of food, drinks, activities and to enjoy each other’s company at the Canungra Showgrounds, on the Gold Coast Hinterlands.

And what a weekend it was… with many explaining the best part, was that they were able to bring their partners and kids (and even fur babies). Something that’s not normally possible on ‘work trips’. Alas, this was nothing like your average work trip – with the weekend predominately taken up by kids and adult games, trivia competitions and enjoying your selection of whiskey, gin or cocktails by the campfire.

Our Sponsors

It’s important we point out that this wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible sponsors, who’s contribution ensures no one was left hungry, thirsty or bored.

ATTVEST Attvest not only provided us with scrumptious slow-cooked Lamb Spit Roasts, but also went above and beyond when helping us organise the fire barrels used for cooking and keeping us warm and toasty all night long.

Lion Underwriting Pty Ltd – Lion Underwriting kept our tummies full all weekend, providing us with a delicious BBQ on Thursday night, and cooking up a storm for lunches on Friday and Saturday. Not only that, but they also provided us with all the beer and large selection of wines.

ATL Insurance Group – ATL came with their much loved Gin Bar in hand, serving up delicious drinks all weekend long.

NTI – Thanks to NTI, we were spoilt for choice by the Food Van on Friday night, which provided us with a selection of 6 different finger foods and deserts.

Allstate Underwriting Agency Allstate really came to the rescue each morning, sponsoring a Coffee and Drinks Van allowing everyone (including kids) to order their favourite hot and cold drinks for free!

Arteva Funding Arteva came through for all the Whiskey & Rum lovers – dishing out the finest of whiskey and rums from their pop up bar. Not only that – but they brought buckets of sunscreen in handy little tubs which saved us from the scorching sun over the weekend.

Wealth Architects Wealth Architects know how to entertain, hiring an Inflatable water slide which kept the kids (and some adults) busy all Saturday long… Wealth Architects also sponsored the much anticipated 60m sprint, providing the winner with a $200 gift card, but more on that later.

Delta Insurance Group – Delta rocked up to the party with the goods, serving up delicious cocktails not only to adults, but virgin daiquiris to the kids! Whether Mojitos, Margaritas or Daiquiris are your favourite – Delta Insurance group had you covered!

 Emergence – Emergence was a late entry to the camping trip, but are we glad they chose to attend!! Emergence covered Bacon and Egg rolls each morning, (a saviour to some who may have been nursing a slight hangover), and topped it up by coming with Ausure Camping Trip mugs. I’m sure these were designed to hold coffee, but people loved them so much that they were using them for whiskey, gin, cocktails and everything in between!


So what were the highlights? It will depend on who you ask. Most emphasised it was the opportunity to get together as a group, without talking work – and simply enjoying each others company. A big thing obviously, was that thanks to the sponsors the entire weekend was covered – the only cost being the caravans if you chose to ‘glamp in style’ – however there were some that chose to camp in a tent.

The kids games and activities were a highlight, and even those who didn’t have kids all circled around to cheer, and watch the delight on the kids faces as they raced and competed for prizes.

Activities and games included, Apple Dunking, Running race, whip cream game, a waterslide and a hill slide.

Adam Sloan may tell you that the highlight was the 60m sprint. John Mills, Callum Mitchener, Adam Sloan, Tom Leis and David Summers all took to the starting line as the rest of us eagerly watched from the sidelines. To everyone’s surprise, it was a close race, with Adam JUST taking out first place. The only injuries to note to date are Callum’s hamstring – we heard he’s still limping but anticipating a return to next years race.

Kristy Hargreaves and Sara Varty would probably say it was the Ausure Trivia Competition, in which both were crowned winners. Mick O’Bree covered about 30 questions – testing participants on their knowledge of Ausure, Music and Sports.

Insurers would probably agree it was the fact that they had the opportunity to build friendships with brokers and staff, something that is not normally possible in something as formal as a conference or corporate event.

By the time Sunday came around and it was time to go home, it was ‘See you next year, same spot, same time.’ Many promised to bring more staff members, to share the fantastic weekend with. Instead of the age old ‘Are we there yet?’, parents were heckled with ‘When can we go back’ all the way home…

A special mention to those helpers, Deb and Charline, who were never far away, from cooking each morning, organising kids games and to setting up for the dinners. Mick O’Bree, founder of Ausure Camping Trip – who not only came up with the event but pulled it all together into the incredible event it was.

Finally, thank you to each and every one of you who made the effort to join us for the weekend – with some travelling states, many hours and flights to make some lifelong memories with us.


And so it is, another camping trip wrapped up. Whilst it was exhausting for us, the organisers, we can’t wait to do it all again next year with more activities, more food & drinks, plenty more fun and most definitely, more people in attendance! With it still being close to 12 months away – we encourage any insurers that would like to take part next year, to reach out to us early. Now that the word has spread, it may get a little more difficult to secure your spot at the Number 1 camping weekend of the year!!

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