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*Ausure celebrates excellence in customer focus*
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Ausure celebrates excellence in customer focus

Ausure is proud to acknowledge our NPS customer services scores have been outstanding and one of the leading scores we have seen in the insurance market.

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. The NPS score is calculated by surveying customers. Each customer answers a question about how likely you are to recommend Ausure to a friend and then the number of net promoters is calculated.

Net promoters mean the people who like you, minus the people who hate you. This means the people who gave you a nine or 10 like you, the people who gave you a seven or eight are ambivalent and ignored, while the people who hate you are those that gave a one to six response. By doing this calculation, you get a number between -100 and +100.

Ausure MD Troy Brown says, “When we get to experience a business from a customer’s perspective, that’s often when we truly get a sense of what good customer service looks and feels like. Recent experiences have given me pause for thought on this issue and freshly highlighted some of the real strengths Ausure has as a business.

As leaders, we can sometimes admittedly take for granted the level of customer care our business provides as the norm. A good example of how I may have underestimated how good we can be with customers, was the introduction of the NPS score for our Ausure Insurance Brokers.

When NPS was first introduced, I admit I was a bit sceptical. I knew our customer service was good, however my expectation was that negative people might be more likely to complete the survey and return it and getting a good score might be very hard in the insurance industry.

Furthermore, we had seen industry averages for insurance averaging a negative number and also other high-quality brokers with numbers that were negative or only slightly positive.

This is why I was especially pleased to note: From the moment the survey started, Ausure’s NPS score has been outstanding and one of the leading scores we have seen in the insurance market.
Troy Brown
MD of Ausure

To have effective customer service, every single person in the organisation needs to have a customer focus. This means empathising with customers and seeing things from their point of view. It means understanding that, without customers there is no business and that customers are the centre of what we do.

This is something we live at Ausure every day and something we are all very proud of.

Customers aren’t always right, however, and sometimes we need to part ways with customers or negotiate an outcome that they may think is not what they deserve. I feel this is always the hard part of customer service and I think this is where we have done really well in the past.

The skill of dealing with ‘difficult’ customers, but still treating them as individuals or important businesses, and genuinely trying to understand their point of view, even if you can’t help them, is one of the hardest skills to ever learn.

I think we’re fortunate at Ausure to have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who truly care for each other and our customers.

This is an opportunity to thank everyone in the Ausure Group for the good work you’re doing in this area. At Ausure, we’ll continue to strive for excellence and care in all we do.”

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