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Ausure Emerging Talent

Investing in the Future: Ausure’s Commitment to Emerging Broker Talent

Ausure, one of Australia’s largest insurance brokers, understands the value of investing in its people, and this commitment extends to its emerging broker talent. As the insurance industry can be traced back as far as 1347, it has a reputation as being one of the oldest and longest-lasting industries. However, innovation and new talent are essential to keeping the industry alive and thriving. Ausure recognizes that to ensure its longevity, it must nurture and empower its young brokers.

While Ausure hosts multiple events throughout the year, such as conferences, networking days, and camping trips, these events tend to favour senior staff and principals. However, what about the young, emerging talent that is on the front lines dealing with insurers every day? What assistance do they receive to become better brokers, build relationships with insurers, and forge a lasting career in the industry?

According to the government source, over 70% of insurance brokers are aged between 35 and 65, and Ausure’s commitment to nurturing and supporting the remaining 28.7% is essential to the company’s longevity. To address the need to nurture young emerging talent, Ausure has developed a plan, with Emerging Talent Days 2023 as its flagship initiative.

Emerging Talent Days 2023 is a one-day event for emerging talent nominated by each Ausure office. Ausure aims to host one such event per state. The training will feature presentations from Ausure management and key insurer partners, as well as networking drinks, creating opportunities for emerging talent to build relationships with their peers, insurers, and the Ausure management team.

To qualify for Emerging Talent Days 2023, nominees must be under 35, a standout performer with enormous potential but not the principal, and worthy of investment. Ausure recognizes that investing in emerging talent is crucial to the company’s future success, and it is an integral part of its strategy moving forward.

The emerging talent concept is not just a platitude that sounds good on paper; it is an essential part of Ausure’s strategy in investing in the future of its business and the industry as a whole.

Investing in emerging talent is critical to the wellbeing and longevity of Ausure and the insurance industry in general. By nurturing young, emerging talent, Ausure is committed to remaining competitive and relevant in the ever-changing and challenging world of insurance broking. Through events like Emerging Talent Days 2023, Ausure will provide young brokers with the tools, training, and network resources they need to succeed, and in doing so, will help to ensure the future success and sustainability of the industry.

“Ausure is committed to investing in the future of our industry like many industries in 2023, recruitment along with staff retention is becoming more & more difficult. I’m extremely passionate about this program as the industry has given me so many opportunities, I want to ensure the next round of young talent comes through and gets a chance to see what our Industry & Ausure specifically can offer.” – Adam Sloan, Head of Sales and Blended Broking 

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