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Ausure Head Office put on their Elf hats to help kids in need

Since 2015, Ausure staff have taken part in the ‘Be An Elf’ Christmas drive. Be an Elf Ltd was formed in 2018, but the Be An Elf Christmas Appeal has been operating for 11 years. The Appeal involves children under the age of 18 completing ‘Santa lists’ which are then distributed to ‘elves’. Ausure first became aware of the charity when the Courier Mail posted about one of the heartbreaking letters back in 2015, which can be found here – ‘The heartbreaking and selfless wish list for Santa from a young girl.’.

Since then, every year Ausure staff are given the opportunity to receive a list from a child. When the lists starts rolling in, you can feel the buzz of excitement throughout the office as the staff ‘aka elves’, eagerly read through their given list and share their child’s wishes with other staff in the office. This year, Ausure staff have made sure 30 disadvantaged children will have something to open on Christmas morning.

Callum Mitchener, MD of Wealth Architects, has helped deliver presents with his daughter, Aria, and son, Hugo, for the last 6 years to those children and families in need. “Being able to be part of that moment, where you drive up to a house and see the children’s face light up with excitement over something as basic as a pillow is incredibly humbling. What I love most about being able to take part in the ‘Be An Elf’ program, is that I get to see the kids that are receiving the gifts and how truly excited they are. Every year, the kids make sure to take a big bucket of lollies for the houses we visit, this is almost as popular as the gifts themselves! Over the last 6 years, we’ve seen it all (unfortunately), and it serves as a great reminder to be grateful for everything we have and to make time to help those less fortunate.

“The amount of time, money and thought that the Ausure, Wealth Architects and River City Financial Planning staff put into fulfilling the lists is mind blowing. Some people even take 2 or 3 lists each and spread them amongst their families. Each year, more and more lists are requested from friends and family of staff.”

The charity is run by June Hintz, ‘Head Elf’, and has been rapidly growing each year as word spreads of this amazing project. As such, they are continually looking for more helpers, whether that be completing a list, assisting at ‘Elf Headquarters’ in Beenleigh, or delivering presents to the children and their families.

If you would like to find out more about the Be An Elf Christmas drive, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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