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Ausure Insurance Newcastle partners with Newcastle Insurance Group

Ausure is proud to announce Ausure Insurance Newcastle’s latest partnership with Newcastle Insurance Group.

This new joint venture has been developed off the back of a long-standing relationship between Gavin Walker, Managing Director and Hayley-Jane Walker, Director for Newcastle Insurance Group and Ausure Insurance Newcastle’s Managing Directors, David Summers and Travis Hargreaves who have been allies in the insurance industry for several years.

Gavin Walker shared, “After knowing David and Travis for a number of years and developing a relationship built on sharing of industry knowledge and expertise, it was a no-brainer to approach them when looking for a business partnership.

“The support and help I have been given from Dave and Travis are invaluable in my 17 years of being in the industry, and it just makes sense to join forces with like-minded business partners to create a more uniform and customer-centric approach.”

“Our goal is to grow in the SME space, utilising the support and resources provided through Ausure compared to other brokerages and dealer groups, Ausure offers a unique way of doing insurance, which has strongly aligned with our values,” Gavin said.

David Summers reiterated Gavin’s vision for the new partnership, sharing, “Ausure Insurance Newcastle has had a long-standing relationship with Gavin of Newcastle Insurance Group, admiring his professionalism, expertise, and dedication over the years. Gavin’s hard work and relentless pursuit of the best outcomes for his clients, combined with his genuine character, make him an outstanding partner. He is passionate about providing complete peace of mind to his clients.

“When we learned that Gavin and Hayley Jane were seeking a partner to share their vision and support their growth, the collaboration naturally followed. Together, Newcastle Insurance Group and Ausure Insurance Newcastle are poised to become the leading insurance brokerages in the region.”

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