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Ausure provides a tailored solution for AR’s exploring a change of licensee or Broking Group.

2023 is already proving to be a challenging year for many Insurance Brokers, especially for those whose licensee or Broking Group have introduced changes that can adversely affect their businesses.

Change however, isn’t always a bad thing and can push business owners to explore other offerings in the market that can better support their businesses, clients and staff. Ausure has a proven track record of appointing and onboarding large and small AR’s, AR Groups, start up AR’s and brokers looking to give up their licence to become an AR.

The entire process is made as stress free as possible with Ausure management and staff providing hands on guidance, processes and training throughout the whole process. Systems, compliance, finance and broking training is provided face to face in the AR’s offices, underwriters and premium funders contacted to transfer accounts and the scheduling and arranging the transfer of data is arranged by our technology team.

Nothing is left up to chance with comprehensive checklists and timeframe guidelines provided to ensure peace of mind. Ausure manages the entire process which ensures a seamless transition that is as stress free as possible.

In 2009, Ausure onboarded 32 Suncorp Corporate Agents when Suncorp announced they were closing their Corporate Agents distribution channel.

The Corporate Agents were forced to become authorised representatives and find a new dealer groups for their business, quickly. Ausure identified this as an opportunity as many of the Corporate Agents had large Farm books which Suncorp was not going to be offering renewals. Ausure had its own Farm Underwriting Agency at the time and Ausure was able to provide a quick solution for all the Corporate Agents farm clients. This gave Ausure a competitive edge over everyone else. Ausure management flew all over the country providing hands on training on becoming an AR and what was required from a compliance point of view compared to their previous role of being a corporate agent. Systems training plus insurer technical wording training was also provided.

The work involved was no easy feat – but the Ausure team was dedicated to making the move as seamless and stress-free as possible for the new AR’s.

Ausure also arranged for a training provider to provide Tier 1 training and assist everyone in obtaining their Tier 1 Insurance Broking qualifications.

“The simultaneous onboarding of 32 new broking businesses meant staff were working around the clock. Every department worked together to get it done. The process involved setting up email accounts, insurer accounts, sunrise accounts and setting users up on systems – we had to drastically expand our IT network to cater for the growth. But that was only the start – these corporate agents were not insurance brokers and Ausure ensured we provided comprehensive training to the offices not only on systems and compliance – but what it means to be an insurance broker (acting for the client, rather than the insurer).” Graeme Lilley, GM Distribution at Ausure.

Newcastle, which was the Ausure head office at the time – had one mission only. To set up 32 offices, yesterday, and make them qualified, quality, trusted insurance experts. Ausure used their strong insurer relationships to ensure the new onboarded brokers received training and support from the underwriters.

“We gave each of our insurers a list of the brokers and asked them to ensure they reach out to each one, introduce themselves and educate them on what type of business the can place. Our first conference since the onboarding, allowed insurers to provide in depth presentations to the new AR’s to further upskill them.”

2023 Sees brokers face similar circumstances.

With Steadfast announcing that PSC will leave the network on 31/05/2023 and consequently lose access to Steadfast wordings, SCTP and all other Steadfast network benefits , many are faced with the same decision – where to now? Just like in 2009, Ausure are able to provide a quick, seamless and stress-free move if brokers are looking for a new dealer group with access to all the Steadfast benefits.


How do we make the process as seamless as possible?

Ongoing Guidance and Support
Strong communication, support and liaising with the insurers and systems on their behalf all help in easing the pain of moving dealer groups. What Ausure do well is organising data transfers and transferring of insurer accounts.

Ausure is also able to offer subsidised transfer costs depending on the size of the book.

Quality Training for you and your staff
Ausure provide face to face training on Ausure systems and doing things the Ausure way. We have dedicated teams for each department that will provide ongoing guidance and support.

Rebranding Support
Ausure Marketing department can assist with all your rebranding requirements including providing you with new proofs for stationery, signage, email signatures and marketing materials – saving you a considerable amount of money on design costs.

“My on-boarding and overall experience with Ausure has been nothing short of fantastic. I am a first time AR, however I have worked in senior leadership roles with both national and global broking firms managing AR selection, on-boarding and continuous development and growth. In my experience the Ausure model is best in industry.

I have been particularly thrilled with the level of support and direction given to me throughout the Ausure on-boarding process. The Ausure process is thorough and very easy to work with. I know my journey has been made much easier because of the wonderful Ausure team of people who are all genuinely helpful and very friendly. They are all experts in their fields, and they gave me great confidence and reassurance along the on-boarding journey. I couldn’t be any happier in joining Ausure.”

When making the decision, it’s important to take into account not only what is involved in the immediate transition – but to carefully evaluate what the various dealer groups can offer you in the long run to support you and your business.

How does Ausure support our branches and business owners in the long run?

Ausure are Backed by Steadfast

Ausure is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, the Steadfast Group. Being part of the Steadfast group means you get access to a large range of services, tools and exclusive benefits, including:

Access to SCTP and Steadfast Direct, both of which are integrated with our broking system
Helplines; Legal, Technical, Contractual liability, HR, Compliance
Collective buying; Travel, Motor Vehicles etc.
Broker Tools; Templates, Policy Comparison/Risk Coach/BI Calculator, Sums Insured Calculator
Broker Benefits; Group Travel Insurance, Group Management Liability Insurance, Access to retail discounts

Ausure provide Succession Planning pathways and options for business owners

Ausure recognise every business owner is working towards different goals. We can assist with succession planning pathways and options, as well as providing opportunities to grow your book by mergers and acquisitions.

One of the many benefits of being part of a large group such as Ausure is that you are exposed to opportunities which often never make it to market. Retirement and changes in circumstances create opportunities for other branches looking to increase their portfolio. When a branch wants to sell a book, they work with Ausure management to approach appropriate offices looking to extend their business. We provide guidance and assistance to both parties to achieve a successful outcome.

Ausure also has the capacity to enter into joint ventures with branches to provide owners with capital and support for their business and allow them to explore opportunities they previously wouldn’t have had access to. Ausure can also assist branches with access to finance to assist with the purchase of new books. Ausure can make small or large investments according to what suits the business.

Leader in Technology and Insurtech

Ausure are also a leader in technology, digital and marketing. The benefits of this are passed through to our branches who leverage off the brand name in many ways – including having the opportunity to receive leads from 5 of our speciality websites.

Strong Insurer Relationships

One of our key focusses continues to be having strong close working relationships with our insurers. This ensures our brokers have the opportunity to work with the support of Ausure management, to achieve better outcomes for clients. 

Flexible Service models, allow you to run the business the way you want

Ausure has always been dedicated to supporting our offices. We provide 3 unique service models; Supported, Serviced and Combined. 
This allows brokers to choose a support model that works for them. We continue to come up with new initiatives to better assist our branches in back office admin, so they can focus on their clients. This has led to the National Service Team and the Claims Management team being formed. Include links to claims and nst team articles

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