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Ausure’s competitive advantage expands in the underwriting arena

Ausure announces expansion of its underwriting business capabilities which will enhance the benefits already provided to Ausure insurance brokers and their clients.

Ausure has provided products to clients via it’s underwriting business, Fortem Underwriting, for several years. Fortem Underwriting gives Ausure brokers the ability to offer clients unique, competitive rates and terms that can only be provided to clients of Ausure.

Since its inception, Fortem has been operating as an Authorised Representative of the insurer, however, this will soon change as Ausure will commence a new financial services license for underwriting activities.

This will enable Ausure to expand its unique set of products and forge new partnerships with insurers, using industry-first technology.

Ausure CEO Scott McCarthy says, “We see our underwriting activities as an important part of Ausure’s future. There is enormous demand for alternative products and our aim is to deliver products and services that benefit our brokers and our clients.
With this in mind, we have asked Mick O’Bree to take responsibility for our underwriting strategy. His title will expand to General Manager – Operations and Underwriting.
I’d like to congratulate and thank Mick for taking on this role. We look forward to helping build our underwriting presence as an even more important part of our Group.”


Fortem – Ausure’s Competitive Advantage

Fortem provides policies to Ausure clients which are not available to other brokers.

Fortem Underwriting was established to provide Ausure business clients with insurance solutions and an alternative option. This is particularly important now, as traditional hard markets, increase pricing and insurers becoming more selective in their underwriting.

Fortem’s philosophy is to provide consistency in pricing and service which gives Ausure brokers an additional market to deliver solutions to clients.

Currently, Fortem specialises in SME business and trades insurance.

Fortem will be headed by Mick O’Bree as GM – Operations and Underwriting, alongside Jeff Ward as Underwriting Manager, Jasmine Cavallo as Underwriter and Christine McLean as Systems Specialist.

Ausure is celebrating 25 years in insurance broking. We are proud of our professional network of more than 230 Ausure insurance brokers situated in 112 locations across Australia.

Stephen Sloan

General Manager – Communications and Digital
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