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Ausure Key Partners

Ausure works with a large group of insurers and underwriting agencies in Australia. Often, our Authorised Representatives will look to place business with new insurers or agencies that are not currently on our panel. Our Broking Manager, John Mills, will then liaise with the insurer on the brokers behalf to have them added. Ausure recognises the need for a quick and easy process to ensure efficiency so that the broker is able to assist the client with their insurance needs.

Ausure Key Partners
Ausure has built close relationships with a number of selected key insurers, these are called Ausure Key Partners. This allows us to provide Ausure brokers with a number of key benefits and helps the insurers promote their products and services directly to the group.

This partnership means:

  • Dedicated insurer teams providing support to our brokers
  • Direct Escalation points and assistance for brokers
  • Training initiatives to assist Ausure brokers to achieve their goals
  • An ability to discuss and negotiate any room for improvements to service levels
  • A direct point of contact for one-off challenges or issues that brokers may need assistance with

Our Key Partner panel includes CGU, Chubb, NTI, and QBE.

CGU is Ausure’s largest insurer. It’s a natural fit as CGU is such a well-recognised brand in rural Australia that matches Ausure’s rural footprint. CGU is a key player on SCTP as is IAL on Steadfast Direct (both owned by IAG). Amanda leads the Ausure relationship for CGU.


NTI is by far our largest carrier of heavy motor insurance and, with the addition of marine, we have an even greater relationship with them. NTI is the benchmark for heavy motor claims in Australia with market-leading repair times and exceptional high-quality claims process giving an outstanding customer experience. Jay Hani leads the Ausure relationship for NTI.


QBE is Australia’s largest global insurer and a key market for brokers placing commercial insurance. QBE also has a growing rural presence. The Ausure relationship is led by Justin Boyes with whom we have developed a close working relationship.

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