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Ausure- Subsidised-Diploma-Programme

Ausure Subsidised Diploma Programme

Ausure is pleased to announce the launch of its Subsidised Diploma Programme, focused on supporting Ausure brokers to complete their Diploma of Insurance Broking.

The new initiative provides funding for brokers within the Ausure network to complete their Diploma of Insurance Broking. In 2023, Ausure set aside significant funds to assist our reps in progressing their career and experience. Due to the success, Ausure has increased the funding for 2024.

The Subsidised Diploma Programme has been developed by Ausure in partnership with their Training and Promotion Partners,  SafetyCulture Care, Dual, and Mecon, in the hopes of encouraging those Brokers who wish to further their careers and improve their knowledge and experience.

Mick O’Bree, General Manager of Operations & Underwriting at Ausure, has been developing this project with senior management for some time. The Subsidised Diploma Programme is part of Ausure’s ongoing strategy for further education, in line with industry bodies. Mick O’Bree shared, “It’s important that we continue our approach to further education and ideally stay ahead of the industry standards and guidelines. “A rising tide lifts all boats”, so by providing a good investment in our brokers, we hope to continue the market-leading advice and service our network provides”.

Since the initial launch in September 2023, the interest in a programme such as this has been positive, with many brokers choosing to enrol.

David Summers, Managing Director for Ausure Collective, saw the huge potential a programme such as this had for his staff. David shared, “As a business, we are dedicated to our team and seeing them advance in their career. We understand a key part of this is continued growth through education.”

“We are grateful to have access to a platform such as the Subsidised Diploma Programme. This initiative has allowed us to provide an opportunity for four team members to complete a Diploma when previously costs would have been prohibitive for them.”

“The ability to have highly qualified and competent team members ensures our business will continue to thrive while providing our team with knowledge that will enhance their overall skill set to make them highly valuable within the industry.”

“We thank Ausure for this amazing programme and look forward to ensuring its success in the future.”

One of those Brokers taking part in the programme is Kylie Budden, at Ausure Horizon, who shared, Having been in the insurance industry for a while, I have continually looked for opportunities to enhance my knowledge and credentials. I had been thinking about enrolling to do my Diploma of Insurance Broking for a while but have struggled to balance the costs and time.”

“When my Director, Dave Summers, approached me about the Subsidised Diploma Programme, it really gave me the nudge I needed to finally enrol. Knowing that I had a company that would support my growth and career really meant a lot, and understanding that I can achieve the Diploma with the backing of the business is something I am very grateful for.”

“I look forward to working through and completing my Diploma and being able to provide my knowledge and expertise to my clients.”

Ausure hopes that the development of new and progressive approaches to broker education, such as the Subsidised Diploma programme and other initiatives planned for 2024, will encourage those within the Insurance industry to further their qualifications and provide a clear career development pathway for those looking to enter the industry.

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