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Ausure’s We Care Committee focused on Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing

In 2023, Ausure launched a committee that was dedicated to the wellbeing, satisfaction and work culture of staff. The “We Care” Committee was the result of Ausure Executive Management recognising the importance of employers not only providing staff with a happy and safe workplace, but giving ample opportunities to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

The Committee has placed a significant focus on Mental Health and identifying what Ausure can do as an Employer to support staff who may be experiencing mental health struggles. Having recognised the importance of staff being able to ‘have a chat’ with their colleagues, Ausure paid for 5 staff members to complete a 2 day paid training course, conducted by St Johns Ambulance, to provide them with the tools and confidence to support any colleagues that may be struggling mentally.

As part of the emphasis on Mental Health, Ausure’s We Care Committee invited Damien Coates, CEO of Dual Australia and Mental Health Ambassador for the Black Dog Institute to present to over 50 Head Office Staff in Brisbane on May 2. Damien has been a huge supporter of the Black Dog Institute for many years due to his own struggles with depression. After supporting the Black Dog Institute through a number of initiatives and fundraisers, he was asked to become an official ambassador and share his story in the hope of helping others.

“We feel honored and privileged to have one of the most popular and influential figures in our industry visit Ausure’s head office to present such an important message to our team. Damien’s own personal story is so inspirational and it certainly brought out emotion and conversation amongst the team. We know and feel this is the start of something special and these first steps mean so much to each and every one of us. The community culture within Ausure I hold dear and we are always working to be better so everyone prospers and feels an important part of our team. It’s about people and their life wellbeing” John Mills, Broking Manager and We Care Committee member.

Damien spoke with Ausure staff, highlighting the startling statistics of how prevalent Mental Illness is in the community. 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness, with Depression being anticipated to be the leading health concern worldwide by 2030. Damien educated staff about the importance of speaking up and seeking help with those you trust or professionals. Damien also focused on the importance of 3 pillars for those that may be suffering from poor mental health – Communication, Lifestyle and Medication, and spoke about how he himself makes an effort to ensure all 3 are maintained for his own wellbeing.

Ellie Laidlaw, CFO of Ausure was present during Damien’s seminar. “I think Damien’s message about leaders being vulnerable was a really important one, and I think thats why our staff also felt comfortable about sharing their own vulnerabilities on the day. It was really great to see.”

Damien’s seminar on Mental Health was just one of the many things that Ausure are doing to support staff. Ausure Executive Management team are committed to making Ausure one of the best employers in the insurance industry, recognising that happy and satisfied staff mean a more productive and collaborative workplace.

Other Ausure We Care Employee Initiatives

Monthly Staff Recognition: Celebration of our recognised staff while everyone enjoys a coffee!
Wellbeing Vouchers: Staff can get reimbursed up to $500 annually for items or services that improve their wellbeing
Non-Alcoholic Events: Responding to feedback, the Committee hosts non-drinking events, such as catered lunches and family-friendly gatherings. Upcoming events include National Burger Day on May 28 and a Picnic in the Park on June 16.
Dog Visits: Staff are invited to bring their dogs in for the day!
Stand Up Desks: Staff have expressed they would love stand up desks – currently being trialed in the office!

The Committee focuses on identifying what is important to staff in the Ausure workplace and relies on feedback to continually improve the culture and satisfaction of staff. “Every quarter a different staff member will represent their department and provide feedback as well as new ideas or initiatives they would like to see implemented. Ausure staff are also asked to complete a yearly survey which is designed to gage how they are feeling, what is important to them and most importantly, how they think Ausure is doing in providing a safe, fair and supportive workplace. Having this feedback ensures that the committee stays focused on what is important to Ausure staff, rather than assuming what we think is important.” Deb Whyte, Head of Culture & People and We Care Committee member.

If your mental health is suffering, it’s ok speak up. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14, the Suicide call-back service on 1300 659 467 or visit The Black Dog Institute website for a range of helpful information and phone numbers –

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