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Be the Storyteller For Your Business

Your Insurance Broker has a great privilege compared to other professions. They get to learn about all SME businesses in Australia and then provide risk transfer ( i.e. insurance ) solutions for your business. And with 2.5 million SME business in Australia that’s a lot of different occupations and industry to deep dive into and learn about.

But what do we need from you to get to know your business best and learn where the exposures lie that you can insure for?

“Those who tell the stories rule society “- Plato



No-one knows your business like you do!
And the best way we can help you on your insurance journey (and make sure you have the right cover) is listen to your full story. Don’t hold back! It all matters. Your business is so much more than a Proposal form or an online quoter.

  • When you started the business,
  • What activities you did yesterday,
  • What you’re doing today and your plans for the future. It’s important we can get the bigger picture so we can understand that amazing business of yours.


To help you with your journey there is some crucial starting items we are looking for to help with your insurance solutions:

  • Your Business activities – we need to know everything. Doesn’t matter if a small percentage of your business or large or even if you no longer conduct that activity.
  • Sum insured for your building and contents – what does the term ‘sum insured’ mean to you ? It is important to obtain a professional valuation for the insurance replacement value of your building. This can be done using the services of a certified quantity surveyor. The term ‘sum insured’ is not to be confused with ‘market value’ of your property.
  • Company structure – Your organizational chart helps us cover all your entities and directors.
  • Risk Management – Updated your electricals, plumbing, fire or security protection recently? Had a refurb. That’s great!

And Insurers love to hear this too and want this business. Your ongoing commitment to risk management in your business will only help you with your insurance program now and with each renewal. That can mean premium reductions and an easier renewal process.


Like every great story we strive for that happy ending knowing we’ve insured for and discussed all your exposures with you. We want to work with you so you too can understand what a great insurance program can do to help you continue what you do best.

John Mills

Broking Manager at Ausure
M 0424 391 755     T (07) 3319 5140

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