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Behind the scenes with Ausure’s Young Achiever – Josh Legudi

Ausure’s Young Achiever Award was taken out this year by Josh Legudi who runs Ausure Insurance Services with multiple branches across Victoria.

“With so much young talent coming through the Ausure group, it was a hard job selecting the winner from all the worthy nominations across the Group,“ reveals the Ausure Group’s Graeme Lilley.

“Josh Legudi is definitely a worthy winner of this award. I have seen Josh grow personally and professionally into an accomplished broker, managing director and entrepreneur.”

“His management over a fast growing business with multiple locations, improving their compliance, broking standards and profitability has been outstanding. Any business would be proud to have such a young, talented leader in their business.”  

Ausure Insurance Services run by Josh Legudi and original founder Gaye Legudi, has grown and continues to expand their presence in Victoria, doubling in size in the past year. They are in the Top 5 largest broking businesses in the Ausure Group. This incorporates Rutherford Street Insurance Services in Swan Hill, Ausure Port Melbourne, Ausure Deniliquin and now with recent acquisitions last year, Seymour and Euroa, as well as client bases in Mildura and Horsham.

When asked what contributed to his winning Ausure’s Achiever award this year, Josh replied modestly “having great mentors and staff to make my job easier.”

Josh and Gaye Legudi and their team have always strived for the best in customer service and providing clients with sound advice when it comes to insurance products.

“Word of mouth referrals are huge in a small town,” says Josh when talking about marketing strategies. We focus on offering the best service possible and retention of clients. It’s easier to maintain a client than chase a new one.

‘’We originally joined the Ausure Group because we wanted to grow and expand,” explains Josh. “We checked out a few groups at the time but none of them was the right fit for our business until we came across the Ausure Group. It was a big decision and one we didn’t take lightly. We had a really good feel about Ausure and the people involved and we definitely haven’t looked back since.

We are delighted that we have been able to achieve the growth that we wanted, as well as having the solid care and support that we have needed for our expanding business, as well.’’

“The support is the greatest part of being part of the Ausure Group network. The team at Ausure head office has always been willing to help and give advice and be a great sounding board.”  

The Legudis have a great team of insurance brokers and support staff working across multiple locations. How do they manage to find and keep good staff? “Offer a culture where each staff member feels just as important than the person sitting next to them, knowing they are valued for what they bring to the team and the possibilities we can provide are endless if they are prepared to do the work,” replies Josh.

“Employ people for who they are, insurance can be taught. Don’t just settle for someone because you think they have the experience you require.”

What is the greatest source of frustration about being an insurance broker, in the insurance industry or in your business?  “Honestly, the biggest frustration is trying to provide the best service we can but not getting the same expected service from the insurers.”

Advice for business owns wanting to grow and succeed?

“Don’t be scared to take a risk. Believe in your own abilities.”

Any future plans or goals for your business? “We never sit still for too long. Always willing to grow,” smiles Josh in a parting shot.

About Ausure’s Young Achiever Award

This award is presented to a young Authorised Representative of Ausure who demonstrates an outstanding level of professionalism and integrity. The candidate must be 35 or younger and can be nominated by anyone within the Ausure Group. They must demonstrate commitment to teamwork, professionalism, integrity and continued self-development. They are someone who is seen as being an asset to their business and uphold the values of being a respected insurance broker in the industry.

Winner for 2023:

Josh Legudi of Ausure Insurance Services which incorporates Rutherford Street Insurance Services in Swan Hill, Ausure Port Melbourne, Ausure Deniliquin, Seymour, Euroa, as well as client bases in Mildura and Horsham


CJ Behne of OnCover Insurance Brokers, Brisbane, QLD and

Alicia Hanrahan of Ausure Insurance Brokers Orange, NSW

Thank you to QBE Q nect’s Steve Talbot for presenting the award to Josh and to QBE Q nect for sponsoring this award. The winner, Josh Legudi, received an invitation to attend the QBE Q nect Insure Your Business Success Course. This exclusive course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Authorised Representatives.

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