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Exciting Developments In Digital Strategy was the hot topic at the recent Ausure Dinner Catchup

Ausure Management used the Steadfast Convention as an opportunity to catch up with some of our Brokers. On Saturday night, Ausure hosted a Cocktail Dinner for brokers and staff, as well as our Key Insurer partners – QBE, Chubb, NTI and CGU, attending the Convention.

The hot topic of the night was the recent exciting developments in our Digital Strategy. With the recent launch of the Home Robot, and our Tradies Cover + Personal Accident about to take off, there was much to discuss.

Home Online Quoting

The Home Online Quoting is now ready and is estimated to save approximately 30 minutes per residential property once all insurers are added to the quoting system. This allows broker to provide client with competitive cover, whilst freeing them up to focus on advice, complex insurances and client management. The ‘robot’ allows an Ausure broker to quote their clients with home policies from Chubb, Blue Zebra, QBE & Chubb at the click of a button.


Trade Cover + Personal Accident Online Click and Buy

Our Trade Cover + Personal Accident quoting tool is as simple as ‘Click, Quote and Buy’, and is about to be released to offices on board the Ausure digital strategy. The process gathers competitive quotes from Fortem Underwriting (exclusive to Ausure brokers), Brooklyn for Liability, Protecsure for Equipment & Point for Personal Accident.


Ausure Digital Sales Strategy

Since Ausure acquired Insure 247 back in 2020, our Digital Sales Strategy has been a core focus. Ausure understands that not all Australians look to purchase insurance the same way and as such, have been working to provide our brokers with the option to acquire clients online. Through our partnership with Insure 247 and the digital sales strategy, Ausure brokers are able to extend their footprint outside of their local area and way beyond their normal reach, with access to insurance enquiries from 4 different speciality sites that acquire leads from all over Australia.

The digital sales side of the business has acquired 3,500 new clients in the last 12 months, an estimated $33M of GWP in the next 5 years.


Ausure Digital Strategy with the Ausure Broker in mind

Our continuing motivation for developing and achieving these key milestones in our Digital strategy is to provide Ausure business owners with the tools to grow and develop their brokerage.

It allows brokers to focus on what is important to them by automating or delegating insurance types through click to buy and/or digital fact finds. The 247System assists offices via time and money-saving automation and processes.

Charline Mitchener Ausure Marketing Manager explains “As the brokers compete with Insurer’s online sales, Ausure continues to evolve its’ offering for our AR’s and clients. It’s important to remember that insurance online will never ‘replace a broker’, but simply allows a brokerage another way to gain clients.”


Ausure Creating lifelong clients

A key message for all brokers dipping their toes in digital is that once you have the client on board, you should be contacting them to provide a thorough review of their circumstances and provide further advice. This will often lead to additional covers, and, most importantly, a lifelong client you wouldn’t have had without that original digital contact.


If you are interested in hearing more about Ausure’s Digital Strategy and how it’s helping Ausure offices with Digital Sales and Client Management, contact Steve Sloan, General Manager – Head of Communications & Digital at Ausure . 
Ph: 07 3319 5100      Email: 

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