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Good news story: from broken pool to splashing about with delight

Perseverance of your local insurance broker pays off

When we say an Ausure insurance broker goes into bat on their client’s behalf, we really mean it. It takes a high level of not only professionalism, but sincere dedication and perseverance too, to obtain good insurance policies and claim results for clients. Ausure authorised representatives often have good senses for sniffing out when a declined insurance claim may have the potential to be turned into a positive result. And, they have the knowledge and expertise in how to do this and negotiate with insurers on their client’s behalf.

Amy’s Story

Amy Smith is Managing Director at SunQ Insurance, a local Ausure brokerage located in Hervey Bay, Qld. Listen up, as Amy shares her good news story about a claim outcome for a loyal trusted client.

“My client contacted me when her pool maintenance contractor noticed a large crack had formed in the base of her pool. This crack was not present during the pool contractor’s previous visit, a few months before,” relates Amy.

“Accordingly, I lodged a claim on my client’s behalf with their insurance company for their House & Contents Insurance Policy.

The insurer assigned a builder and subsequently an engineer to assess the damages and determine the possible cause of the damages.

This client had been a loyal client of our brokerage for 10 years and a relationship of trust had been established. The client firmly believed the damage had occurred due to unusually high rainfall experienced which was during the time period of the claim.

However, I heard back from the insurer who advised me they were planning to decline the claim. They said this was based on the engineer’s findings that no severe weather event occurred during the time of the claim, and therefore, the engineer suspected a failed hydrostatic pressure valve had caused the base of the pool to buckle and crack.

I had a hunch to investigate further. I decided it might be worth looking into this further and completed my own research using a recognised weather recording site, to determine the rainfall received in our area during the months prior to the claim.

I was able to prove to the insurer that for that particular time period, we experienced abnormally and excessively high rainfall against the average. I provided highly detailed technical information I had obtained through my own investigations. I also provided the insurer with the dates and respective invoices of the pool services performed at this property during the particular time period. Further to this, I provided the insurer with a google map which demonstrates that a natural water source/catchment is located immediately behind the affected property. This water catchment would have no doubt added to the significant rain events experienced at that time.

I have had a standing scheduled phone call with the relevant insurer every fortnight to discuss and continually drive the progress of this claim. There are always various and specific factors that need to be considered during claims, so it’s not always a straightforward process, but I persisted.

Last week, we received a great cash offer to repair the fibreglass pool based on a quote obtained by the client.

The client was ecstatic! The repairs have been booked in for next month, and the client will have their pool ready for summer!”

Perseverance really obtained this result

The research I obtained to support this claim wasn’t obtained by a hydrologist, or any other specialist, but simply from a recognised weather site, which resulted in a great outcome for our client.

Whilst this client has been a loyal client of our brokerage for 10+ years, I believe this experience has made them a true advocate for our business.

The clients are local business people and are actively promoting our brokerage, not only to their colleagues, but to their clients. Great outcome for everyone!

Thank you Amy Smith for sharing this great result with us.

SunQ Insurance is an award-winning brokerage situated in Hervey Bay. SunQ is the proud winner of Ausure’s highly prestigious Award of Excellence.

“We understand that professional customer service is not just a new marketing catch phrase, it’s how we’ve done business for the past 29 years.”

SunQ Insurance is a locally owned and operated business in Hervey Bay, backed by the strength of the Australia-wide Ausure Group. SunQ Insurance offer the opportunity of protection through a range of well-known insurance providers.

The team at SunQ invest time to understand you, and accurately determine your insurance needs for the correct insurance program.

• We work with you to design an insurance program because no two clients are the same.

• We will assist you to determine which option will best suit you, taking into account the scope of coverage, pricing & your insurance history.

• For many people, completing tedious paperwork is an unpleasant chore. We ensure this task is kept to an absolute minimum so you can concentrate on running your personal and business affairs.

SunQ Insurance: Backed by Ausure and Steadfast

We are an authorised adviser of Ausure Insurance Brokers and have access to a vast range of Insurance companies who can offer a large range of insurance products.

When choosing SunQ Insurance you benefit from the combined size and security of Australia’s own Ausure Insurance Group and Steadfast Insurance Group. Ausure is one of Australia’s largest insurance broking and advice companies with more than 230 authorised representatives in more than 110 offices nationally. Ausure is part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network, the Steadfast Group. We leverage Steadfast’s scale to ensure our clients have access to a wide range of insurance companies, a broad range of products, exclusive policy options, and of course, competitive pricing. And when the time comes and you need to make a claim, you will have the backing of Steadfast behind you.

Amy Smith
SunQ Insurance
Managing Director

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