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Good news story: Trusting the Ausure insurance experts in professional risk

Successful businesspeople know when to enlist the assistance of experts in various fields to help them grow. In this case, an upcoming ASX listing company went to Jason Mann, Managing Director of Ausure Professional Risks.

Jason Mann thrives on being able to utilise his experience and expertise, accumulated over 25 years of insurance underwriting, to assist with placement and advice on product. This specialist business insurance knowledge proved especially crucial to success for this company during recent times.


Jason Mann tells the story of a D & O Insurance Placement amid turbulent times:

“I was engaged to assist with placement of Directors & Officers insurance on an upcoming ASX listing company. The timing was during the pandemic, towards the end of lockdowns, and the company’s primary activities were short-term holiday and rental accommodation provider.

As you can imagine, not exactly within appetite for those markets with the ability to write and provide product on listed D&O insurance. Additionally, the board required this insurance in order to sign-off on release of the prospectus knowing they were indemnified.

It was also important for the client meetings to have a technical specialist involved. This was necessary in order to converse on all aspects and requirements of underwriting company listings instilling confidence along with a thorough understanding of the product, coverage options and how they would respond.

After an extensive marketing campaign searching for the right cover with insurers, with mostly declines received, I was able to facilitate a recognised primary international market to take on the primary program along with arranging excess of loss capacity to meet limit requirements.

As you can imagine, this required a significant amount of relationship leveraging including at CEO and National Manager level, client / underwriter meetings and information to achieve a level of comfort to come on risk.

Ultimately, we achieved the outcome desired. We put into place a sound program that enabled the client to not only list on the ASX but also meet with their deadlines of key elements in the process.”

Ausure Professional Risks (APR) has been primarily established to assist with placement of accounts for the Ausure Group in the area of Professional & Financial risks by utilising product and market expertise specific to this class.


Ausure Professional Risks specialises in: 

  • Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity / Design & Construct / Building Professionals / Single Project / Industry Specific
  • Directors & Officers Liability for Listed & Institutional Companies / Management Liability for Private
  • Information Technology Liability / Cyber Liability / Multimedia Liability
  • Investment Managers Insurance / Financial Institutions PI, D&O, Crime
  • Statutory Liability (Stand Alone) / Associations Liability / Trustees Liability
  • Prospectus Liability (POSI) / Warranty & Indemnity (M&A)


In the next news story, we’ll interview Jason Mann to glean more insight into his professional world, find out what has made his business successful and get some valuable insurance tips in the process.

Contact Ausure Professional Risks through the Ausure Group:


Jason Mann, Managing Director
M 0412 969 030
PO Box 781 Ashgrove 4060

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