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Insurance Advice
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The Value of Insurance Advice

If insurance was a car, have you checked under the bonnet?

Imagine your insurance policy was a car. Stay with me…You go to the motor vehicle showroom to buy a shiny new car and discover there are multiple versions of the one model. You walk around the showroom and on the surface, each model looks mostly the same.

So what is generally your first indicator to tell the difference? Probably the bright yellow price sticker? But to really know the difference, you need more information, to be better informed. And not just with that car dealer but for multiple dealers.

Back to insurance, imagine (again) you are looking at your document. If insurance were a car then documents like tax invoice & schedule could be the paint job and your certificate of insurance could be the mag wheels. They are good to look at and can make you feel nice and warm, but they aren’t the vital parts of the car. The critical components of the vehicle are the quality of the engine, built-in safety features, chassis with crumple zones plus reliable electronics.

With regards to insurance, the critical component of your insurance policy is a big legal document called a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This is usually over 50 pages long and provides comprehensive information.

Back to the car, even if you looked under the bonnet, would you be able to see the difference between the 3-litre diesel turbo and the 2.5-litre petrol? What about the airbags, electronics, crumple zones? Maybe if you were a mechanic, but most of us aren’t.

So, you are still at the vehicle showroom, looking at several different versions of the same car and you haven’t even got to the other dealerships yet. Maybe you need some guidance or would like someone else to do this for you?

The Value Of Quality Insurance Advice

Enter your trusted adviser. We look under the bonnet of insurance policies every day. We inspect the “safety bags, electronics and chassis’” of hundreds of insurers on your behalf. Not only that, your trusted adviser is legally obligated to act on your behalf, not the insurer. Your Ausure trusted adviser is here for you.


Mick O’Bree
General Manager – Operations

Diploma of Insurance Broking
Mick’s career has included running a local brokerage to Managing Director Ausure Ruralco Pty Ltd. His experience and skill set include specialising in Risk Management, Business Insurance Planning, Insurance Advice and Change Management.
Mick’s current role as General Manager – Operations – has him working with Ausure and their trusted advisers overseeing the daily operations of Ausure Insurance Brokers.

If you have a current insurance policy, whether it be with Ausure or somewhere else, we invite you to contact us to discuss your insurance questions or concerns. Ausure advisers take the time to understand your individual circumstances and provide you with tailor-made insurance solutions that work for you. Contact Ausure for Insurance Advice today by calling us on 1300 587 225, completing the form below, or finding a broker here.

We care about the right policy for you and are by your side when it matters most. 
Ausure helps everyday Australians protect what’s most important to them.

Ausure has insurance specialists located all around Australia, ready to assist with your insurance needs. We make getting insurance easy.

Ausure offers:
Tailored Insurance Solutions
Flexible Payment Options
Expert Knowledge
Superior Claims Service
Exclusive Pricing for Tradies

Your local trusted insurance adviser, we care.

Contact Ausure today for an obligation free Insurance Review.

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