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Brush It Off - Challenges For Startups

Georgia Spicer is the founder and owner of a unique and innovative product concept that came to life in 2017 with the first-ever sketch design of the tool. Brush It Off is all about making your life easier and gives homeowners a practical way to handle the necessary housekeeping chore of cleaning their toilets. 

How did the idea start?

Georgia was sick of pulling out a bottle of detergent every day to clean her toilet, so as the business women she is, she got to thinking, there has to be another way to always have that freshly cleaned look without all that fuss. That’s when she looked at her basic, old toilet brush and had a lightbulb moment. She thought, “It’s a bit like one of those dish wands with washing-up liquid in the handle.”

With Georgia’s entrepreneurial thinking, she explains “I wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and functional, as the traditional toilet brush just wasn’t it! It’s unhygienic, not practical and so I knew I needed to do something! I also knew that starting this meant I had to see it through to the end because my message means that first I must do what I’m trying to encourage others to do! Brush it off and commit to yourself even on the shit days when you feel like giving up!!

What happened when it started?

Now that Georgia has the idea, all she needed was the plan. (How did she start it?)
Georgia came up with the idea of having a toilet brush that’s a similar method to the dishwashing wand where the washing detergent is inserted into the wand and sinks into the brush which is where Brushitoff started as she wanted a tool that’s effective and functional.

Challenges Georgia faced during the Process

We asked Georgia about the challenges she faced during the process of starting Brush It Off, which she then explained to us, “The biggest and probably most disheartening thing to date has been the Manufacturer stealing the idea when you have worked so hard on something for so long and have invested thousands of dollars and time for someone to come and steal your idea is honestly devastating but I knew that it has to be apart of the plan and I couldn’t give up, no one has my story and that’s what set me apart! I’m also reminded often that imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

What would have been done differently in hindsight/tips for new business owners

In hindsight, there are a few things Georgia would have done differently. Being a startup is never easy and often comes with multiple challenges and hurdles along the way. The most important thing is to understand everything works out as it should.

Georgia explained to us that “If I had the resources and capital, I would have investigated protecting my IP better, however in saying that there are always ways around everything, so even if I was to protect the design, anyone who wanted to copy the idea only needs to change the product 10% which is not a lot, so I highly recommend creating a brand that will set you apart. Your brand can’t be copied, especially if done well. It’s like a personality. We all have a unique one, so establish one that sets you apart, be known for more than just what you’re selling”.

“I ALWAYS suggest asking as many questions as possible and surrounding yourself with people who have experienced what you currently are experiencing, they can then help to impart wisdom and share their journey. In my experience, expert advice, or people who have done what you have done can give huge insight into ways to better execute your business. I was once told, “my mistakes will be cheaper than yours”. Meaning that I can learn from the mistakes other people have made if I choose to, this allowed me to make considered decisions based on results or things that have/haven’t worked for others“.

“I also think that learning to be patient in the process is essential in creating and establishing a successful brand. Brush It Off took me nearly 5 years to launch, with all the roadblocks I met along the way. All of these taught me SO much! I’ve never really been one to sit and wait for things to fall in my lap, I am very tenacious and often go after what it is that I want, but sometimes being patient and learning balance and acknowledging that what is meant for me won’t pass me by allows perfect flow (very challenging for some!)”

What made you choose your marketing strategy

The reason Georgia chose to market on socials was to gauge the market and learn more about her customers/consumers so that she could then target the broader audience with a strategy. Georgia explains that “The social media channel seems to be more receptive and has a much warmer audience than going out to the masses with no real strategy. Now that we have some data we are able to specifically target who we believe is our target audience we will now start marketing through other channels”.
She also believes building a brand and solidifying that through your story and execution allows for a loyal following on social so that when you do target your wider audience they have potentially heard of your brand or when they open the conversation someone else has, giving you more credibility and market positioning.

Where it is now?

Today, Brush it off is a successful national small company, that has a huge potential for growth with Georgia being the business women herself. Again, it really is all trial and error, I don’t think there really is a one size fits all, you just must be open to changing your strategy if and when needed. We aren’t trees so we need to pivot and move accordingly. This is just the very beginning for me, and I trust the future will be bright, I am excited to see where it goes, and I truly hope people resonate with our message, values, purpose, and personality. It is a journey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so consistency and passion to make something work always prevails. Take the lessons and learnings and continue to brush off the shit and do epic things! It will always be worth it!” (Georgia Spicer, 2022)

Insurance Covers For Start-ups Like Brushshitoff

One of the most important things to consider when starting a new business, as highlighted in this story – is ensuring you have the right insurance cover.
Public Liability Insurance (Include Product Liability Cover) while not compulsory is considered an essential cover and it can be extended to include cover for Product Recall.
For an online business, Cyber Insurance helps protect your business from the financial impact of computer hacking or a data breach.
Legal expense insurance assists by covering legal costs and expenses where the dispute or legal proceedings in connection with your business activities.

The good news is this: Once you’ve taken the time to get trusted insurance advice, taken out adequate insurance cover for your risk profile and properly understood your insurance policy, you can then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are covered. Contact Ausure today by calling us on 1300 587 225 or finding a broker here.

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