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M&M Insurance Podcast - Insurance News, updates and education delivered differently.

It’s been almost a year to the date that John Mills (Broking Manager of Ausure), and Mick O’Bree (General Manager of Operations & Underwriting) decided to team up and start the M&M Insurance Podcast.


“John Mills and I were receiving the same feedback – Insurance Brokers were over the formal presentations and constant stream of webinars. We wanted a way to share important messages, updates and industry-related news in a different format that brokers can easily listen to when it suits them. Having short informative and interesting episodes allows brokers to tune in without having to block out a chunk of their already busy day. It’s important to note, that the podcast is very relevant for anyone in the insurance industry, not just brokers within the Ausure group.”

Mike Edmonds, NTI
Evan Ainslie, Lloyd's

There are now 23 podcasts available to stream on Spotify, each one under 30 minutes. John and Mick have a combined 55 years in the Insurance industry and use the platform to discuss their views and valuable insights on the latest industry updates and news affecting Australian Insurance Brokers – ranging from ‘what general advice means’, client placement and operational planning all the way through to remuneration transparency and the importance of getting to know your client.

The podcast regularly features industry-leading guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with listeners. Mike Edmonds (EGM Commercial of NTI), shared his knowledge about HR & culture in the insurance industry with the pair and Evan Ainslie (Market Development Manager A&NZ Lloyd’s) educated us on what Lloyd’s do and how their capacity is looking to increase.

Recently, the pair interviewed some of Ausure’s most successful business owners in a bid to share their knowledge. David Beard, Rolf Van Dulst (Coastsure Insurance Group) and Leticia Rees (Ausure Coastal) discussed valuable strategies that they believe are driving forces behind their success as business owners and insurance brokers in the industry.

David Beard & Rolf Van Dulst, Coastsure Insurance Group
Leticia Rees, Ausure Coastal

Management of Ausure regularly features on the podcast to talk about best broker practices and useful insights that all brokers and business owners can learn from. Scott McCarthy (CEO), Graeme Lilley (General Manager – Distribution), Adam Sloan (Head of Sales and Blended Broking) and Darren Free (Claims Manager) have all had air time.

Most recently, Ellie Laidlaw, CFO of Ausure joined the pair to discuss Mergers and Acquisitions. The trio chat about the benefits of succession planning, the roles Ausure has played in Joint Ventures & how this ‘changing landscape’ of industry is affecting decision making within the business.

Scott McCarthy, CEO of Ausure

"Mick and I hope that the podcast provides valuable insight and education for those in the insurance industry. We really wanted to have that conversation about topics that were current and relevant in our industry and how they affect us as brokers in our day to day dealings with our clients. It was really important to us to open the conversation among our AR's and have that voice on issues that were affecting their business and clients"

If you aren’t already a regular listener to the M&M Insurance Podcast – make sure you start tuning in now! The full list of episodes is available on the Ausure website, and on the M&M Insurance Spotify channel, here.

Have an idea for a podcast episode, or work in the industry and think you would make a stand-out guest speaker? Let us know by completing the form below!

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