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Navigating the Path to Becoming an Insurance Broker with Ausure

Each year, Ausure approaches and is approached by dozens of ARs and Brokers to discuss the potential opportunities and benefits Ausure can provide.

Established in 1997, Ausure has maintained a high standard of support and care it provides to its network, driven by the principles and values established by founder Wayne Brown and continued by Managing Director Troy Brown, CEO Scott McCarthy and the Senior Management Team.

To this day, Ausure prides itself on its community and family values, where every Ausure member, whether an AR or the Head Office Receptionist, are provided a supportive and caring environment to work and grow.

Today, Ausure supports 235 Individual Authorised Representatives across Australia and New Zealand, committed to providing unparalleled service to our clients.

Prerequisites for Joining Ausure as a Corporate Authorised Representative

For Established Businesses:
Prospective principals are required to hold a diploma in insurance broking with a minimum of five years of experience in general insurance is. Ausure believes in our values and guiding principles, and all ARs are assessed against these to ensure alignment with our organisational culture and service expectations.

For Start-ups:
Principals must hold a diploma in Insurance Broking, with a minimum of 5 years of experience in general insurance. Submission of a comprehensive business plan outlining strategies for sustainable growth, including avenues such as new business referrals, online lead generation, and acquisition of existing portfolios, is a must. Alignment with our organisational culture is essential. essential.

Understanding the Role of a Corporate Authorised Representative

A Corporate Authorised Representative operates under the Ausure AFSL Licence, receiving comprehensive support, such as broker invoicing system development and support, trust account payments and management, insurer relationships, compliance, technical insurance broking support, claims support, complaints resolution, marketing, and sales. By joining Ausure, representatives gain access to our esteemed industry network, enhancing their professional standing and credibility.

Why Choose Ausure?

At Ausure, our greatest asset is our people. Our dedicated team offers unwavering support to our representatives, empowering them to realise their full potential and achieve remarkable success. Additionally, we offer three distinct service models tailored to suit the unique needs of each office, ensuring a customised approach to support and service delivery. Under the expert guidance of our General Manager of Distribution, Graeme Lilley, numerous representatives have navigated succession planning with outstanding outcomes.

How does Ausure support our branches and business owners in the long run?

Ausure are Backed by Steadfast
Ausure is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, the Steadfast Group. Being part of the Steadfast group means you get access to a vast range of services, tools and exclusive benefits, including:

– Access to SCTP and Steadfast Direct, integrated with our broking system.
– Helplines: Legal, Technical, Contractual liability, HR, Compliance.
– Collective buying: Travel, Motor Vehicles etc.
– Broker Tools: Templates, Policy Comparison/Risk Coach/BI Calculator, Sums Insured Calculator.
– Broker Benefits: Group Travel Insurance, Group Management Liability Insurance, Access to retail discounts.

Ausure provides Succession Planning pathways and options for business owners
Ausure recognises every business owner is working towards different goals. We can assist with succession planning pathways and options, as well as provide opportunities to grow your book through mergers and acquisitions.

One of the many benefits of being part of a large group such as Ausure is the exposure to opportunities that often never make it to market. Retirement and changes in circumstances create opportunities for other branches wanting to increase their portfolio. When a branch wants to sell a book, they work with Ausure management to approach appropriate offices looking to extend their business. We provide guidance and assistance to both parties to achieve a successful outcome.

Ausure also has the capacity to enter into joint ventures with branches to provide owners with capital and support for their business and allow them to explore opportunities they previously wouldn’t have had access to. Ausure can also support branches with access to finance to assist with the purchase of new books. Ausure can make small or large investments according to what suits the business.

Leader in Technology and Insurtech
Ausure is also a leader in technology, digital and marketing. The benefits of this are passed on to our branches who leverage the brand name in many ways – including the opportunity to receive leads from 5 of our speciality websites.

Strong Insurer Relationships
One of our key focuses will continue to be maintaining strong working relationships with our insurers. These relationships ensure our brokers have the opportunity to provide better outcomes for clients.

Three Service Models Available

This model allows representatives to focus on client interactions while our centralised broking processing team handles administrative tasks, facilitating business growth and enhanced client service.

Representatives retain autonomy over broking activities while receiving support from Ausure when challenges arise, ensuring seamless operations and client satisfaction.

A hybrid approach that blends elements of both service models, offering flexibility to utilise centralised resources as needed, ensuring optimal efficiency and support.

How to Apply to Become an AR

Interested individuals can visit the Ausure website by clicking here ,or contact Adam Sloan directly via his contact details below. Additional information can be found in the link below or by reaching out via email.


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Head of Sales & Blended Broking
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