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Putting the ease into insurance is key at Ausure Insurance Brokers Orange

Dedication to clients at Ausure Insurance Brokers Orange.

“Putting our clients first and making sure they can sleep at night, knowing they are covered for all aspects. That’s what being an insurance broker is all about,” explains Alicia Hanrahan from Ausure Insurance Brokers Orange.

“We also focus on trying to make insurance an easy experience for our clients. We want to take away the hassle for people, and make sure they have a complete understanding of the ins and outs of their policies, without the stress factor. This positive experience with insurance is what we hope they’ll pass on to their friends, family and co-workers.”

3 Easy Tips for Insurance from Ausure Orange:

  • Cover overrides price.

  • Read what is not covered on a policy quote before accepting.

  • Have a clear description of what you are doing before obtaining a quote so that your insurance adviser has a clear image to get you the right over.

“What’s a memorable moment about being an adviser?”, Alicia laughs, “that would have to be those phone calls we receive at 4.30pm on a Friday, with clients desperately needing insurance for either a car or a business!”

“It gives us great pleasure to be able to offer our clients the assurance they need, confirming we can get a quote to them. Putting our clients first and making sure they can sleep at night, knowing they are covered for all aspects. That’s what being an insurance broker is all about.”

The Ausure Orange team are residents of Orange, so they understand the challenges and risks businesses face in the Central West region. They are also part of the community, which develops relationships of trust.

“What I really enjoy about being an insurance broking adviser in this region is the connections I’ve made with my clients. We also really like all the happy and positive feedback we get after assisting them.”

“I really do love and enjoy living in the Central West, even with its unpredictable weather,” says Alicia. “I also love the exciting events we have here, such as the regular wine and produce markets, as well as the upcoming Food Week which is a celebration of our gorgeous local-grown produce and wine.”

When asked what has contributed to the growth and success of their business, Alicia replied simply, “Trust and faith in the office staff, as we have a very positive friendly nature and clients feel relaxed and confident when it comes to having dealings with us.”



“We value being part of the larger nationwide Ausure Group, as being in the community, we have the ability to ask for help if we were to get stuck with any cover. As you never know, there might be someone else out there doing the same business activity as you and they have already sourced cover. The wider connections we have as part of the Ausure Group with all underwriters gives us the opportunity to have access to a great variety of products, as well as competitive options and pricing.”

What clients are saying about Alicia and her team at Ausure Insurance Brokers Orange:

Alicia recently reviewed my business polices. Her service was professional, efficient and friendly. Highly recommend booking a call with her.”

“Alicia was great, she made the whole process really easy and fast!”

“Efficient helpful staff at Ausure Orange.”

Contact Ausure Orange today:

143 Summer Street Orange NSW 2800
Phone: 02 6362 1092  Email:

Ausure Insurance Brokers Orange is owned by Ausure Newcastle. The office is managed by Alicia Hanrahan with the help of her great team within the Orange office.

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