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Subsidised Diploma Programme expands to now includes Tier 1 Studies

Following the overwhelming response to Ausure’s Subsidised Diploma Programme, Ausure are now subsidising 50% of Tier 1 Insurance Broking Studies for Ausure AR’s. This additional subsidised course is the second phase of Ausure’s training and development strategy, with the Subsidised diploma program rolled out in late 2023.

Mick O’Bree, General Manager of Operations & Underwriting, has been coordinating the implementation of the Training and Promotion Partners program and shared, “I believe it’s important that we continue to promote education and career progression within our network. The more training and improvement we provide should result in more advice to our clients, which is the whole reason we exist as insurance brokers. It should also show our commitment to our network that career progression is not only taken seriously but actively encouraged with a seriously subsidised programme.”

The subsidised programme is open to Ausure ARs who have completed their Tier 2 and are wishing to develop further in their studies. The Tier 1 course is designed to create skilled and knowledgeable insurance professionals who are required to provide clients with insurance advice ethically and professionally in compliance with industry regulations and codes of practice.

The subsidised training program would not be possible without Ausure’s Training and Promotion Partners, Dual, Point Insurance, SafetyCulture Care, and UAA Group ( including Mecon ).

The Subsidy initiative aligns with Ausure’s commitment to supporting Ausure AR’s in upskilling and educating themselves in order to provide superior advice to clients. Similar initiatives by Ausure include the Emerging Talent Day which is focused on the development of young Ausure Brokers and Broking staff (under 35’s) in the industry, and the Ausure Networking Days which kick off around the country in July.

If you are an Ausure AR and are interested in completing your Tier 1 or Diploma, please speak to your manager or contact Mick O’Bree or John Mills for additional information.

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