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Good news story: Tradie sparky being sued for millions realises true value of insurance broker

Ausure Insurance Brokers’ motto has always been ‘We Care’. This is for good reason, as countless Ausure Echuca clients have discovered. It’s especially true, when it comes to taking risk management advice given by an expert, trusted and professional insurance broker. It also plays out, time again, when the unexpected happens, when you face an enormous financial loss or being sued for millions.

This is when you really need someone who cares in your corner, such as an insurance broker with years of experience under their belt, who can fight for what is right and just.

Think this is all just waffle? Listen up to clients tell their stories.

First up: an electrician facing being sued for millions. Next, a family dealing with a challenging scenario following ill health.

We’ll hear from Tim Dale, who has more than 25 years’ experience in all aspects of financial services running one of Ausure’s largest founding offices in Victoria. Tim is the Director, Financial Planner and Senior Broker at the award-winning Ausure Insurance & Finance Echuca:

“There was a large fire in a local club, that we did not insure, some years ago. The claim amounted to $28M in cost that the insurer had to pay out! Our client was the electrician who had previously done work over many years for the club,” recalls Tim.

“On investigation, it was determined that the fire apparently had started from a spotlight that had been installed by my client. My client was then sued by the insurer for recovery and that is when we became involved. Unfortunately for the client, his Public Liability policy stood at $10M, even though we had been recommending for many years, he increase to $20M, which he acknowledged!!

Anyway, Ausure Echuca worked through this whole case with the client and legal appointed by the insurer. As you can imagine, with legalities and all that was involved, this wasn’t a simple matter and the deliberations between parties took over two years.

The outcome of the case? It was dismissed against our client, as evidence could be produced that showed the fire actually started in a computer room above the suspect spotlight. A great result that the client will always respect us for!

Post note: Yes, this electrician increased his Liability Insurance to $20M at renewal!”

The next story relates to the financial services sector:

“We were approached approximately eight years ago by a GI & FP client,” reports Tim. “His son had unfortunately contracted a cancer of a serious nature. He underwent chemotherapy and then surgery, but the operation went wrong with complications and his son unfortunately had to have both legs amputated. An extremely distressing time for him and the family.

The client’s son had Superannuation with a large Fund Manager. It had Life & Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) attached to his Super. The sum insured was $250,000.

The insurer knocked back his TPD, as the policy had a “Any occupation wording.” That’s when Ausure Financial Services Echuca got involved!

After significant negotiations with doctors and insurers, the claim was paid in full. While this will never bring the sons legs back, it helped enormously with medical costs and adjustment of lifestyle – home and car improvements, as well as providing peace of mind. That family will always be indebted to Ausure Echuca’s help!”

Ausure Insurance & Finance Echuca has established success in taking what Tim terms the ‘Umbrella Approach.’

“We offer 3 areas of expertise under the 1 roof:

  • Insurance Broking
  • Financial Planning
  • Lending & Mortgage Broking.

Our business consists of 16 staff over the 3 Divisions – General Insurance, Financial Planning & Lending / Mortgage Broking.

There is a large range of experience within our team – ranging from six months experience to 25 years. Our total experience within the office amounts to approximately 186 years!

All staff live in the Echuca region. So, we’re locals serving locals with regional knowledge. In the past five years our financial planning division, has developed relationships with the Ausure Swan Hill Branch and now helps to service their financial planning clients as well. ” says Tim.

“Ausure’s We Care motto echoes through all aspects of the business: Our service does not finish in the writing and implementation of the policy. We offer continual review, remarketing of policies, and good ol’ fashioned country service including picking up the phone and talking to clients, not just by email, handling of claims for the client, structuring a correct package for clients and identifying areas of gaps in their risk management programs.”

Ausure we care Insurance Broker

What does Tim Dale most enjoy about his role? “Helping people and giving the correct advice. Correctly implementing that advice into a product that protects them properly or increases their net wealth.”

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