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Who will win Ausure’s Award of Excellence for 2021?

Excellence, innovation and family values are the essence of what Ausure has been about since the company started 25 years ago. We are proud of our network of 233 insurance brokers situated in 112 locations across Australia.


The Ausure Award of Excellence is an award presented to an Ausure branch that performs the best in a comprehensive range of criteria. It’s a highly prized honour for branches to win this top award and in years gone by the winners have been announced with much excitement and delight at Ausure’s annual conferences.

This award is often referred to internally as the Jim Mcilveen Award of Excellence. This honours insurance veteran Jim Mcilveen, the man who inspired Ausure Founder Wayne Brown to “Have a Go” and who is credited as being a major guiding influence on the early formation of Ausure.

‘’Jim is an unbelievable family man and his belief of having your business built on family values is something we have always believed in and tried to replicate in our business.”

The Award of Excellence highlights the family values of loyalty, integrity and caring (helpfulness) that Jim Mcilveen believed were vital for a business to succeed. These values have been at the forefront of what Ausure is about for the past 25 years.

The list of professional criteria on which a branch is assessed is a long one. It includes factors such as the family values of loyalty, integrity and caring mentioned, as well as excellence in client service, steady business growth, personal development and training, communication, compliance and overall professionalism.

Who has won this prestigious award?

Hall of Fame – Award of Excellence

We honour all the Winners and Finalists of the Ausure Award of Excellence over the past 25 years. Here is a snapshot of some of our current Top Branches who have won:

2019 Winner: Rutherford Street Insurance Services including Ausure Port Melbourne, Ausure Swan Hill, Ausure Deniliquin

Finalists: Coastsure Insurance Brokers. Ausure Insurance Dalby,


2017 Winner: SunQ Insurance & Finance

Finalists: Reg Leis Insurance Services, Tebbutt Furlong Broking House


2015 Winner: Ausure Insurance Newcastle

Finalists: Ausure Insurance Dalby, Rutherford Street Insurance Services


2014 Winners: Ausure Gatton (Ausure Unified Insurance)
Finalist: Ausure Newcastle

2012 Finalists: Ausure Insurance Orange and Ausure Insurance Dalby


2011 Winners: Ausure Mandurah
Finalists: Ausure Insurance Brokers Adelaide, Ausure Warwick (Ausure Unified Insurance) and Ausure Insurance Brokers Byron Bay

2006 Ausure Insurance Dubbo


Excellence, innovation and family values are the essence of what Ausure has been about since the company started 25 years ago.

Ausure Awards:
In addition, Ausure has traditionally given out awards for:

  • Fastest Growing Branch
  • Largest Branch
  • Young Achiever Award
  • Supplier of the Year Award


We look forward to announcing the winners of this year’s Ausure Awards later this year. Stay tuned.

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