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What attracts brokers to Ausure?

Testimonials from Ausure Authorised Representatives. Here is a snippet of what Ausure brokers from across Australia had to say:

David SummersAusure Horizon, Newcastle
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“Partnering with Ausure meant I was able to not only gain instant traction from a recognition and size perspective, but we had every type of support a new business would ever care for. From marketing, compliance, accounting, processing, claims and everything in between. These guys allowed me to hit the ground running and saw us hit 5-year goals within months. Personally, I couldn’t thank the team enough, everyone that has had anything to do with me from Ausure head office has been nothing short of amazing. The people are really what makes a difference.”
Scott Abraham Ausure Insurance & Finance Mt Isa
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“We are very proud to be with Ausure from the start when they took us on from the old Suncorp agency. The support, framework, systems and friendship we enjoy really does mean a lot to us. Also, the support from a placements and claims perspective, I don’t know where we would be without them.’’
Gaye Legudi and Josh LegudiRutherford Street Insurance Services, VIC
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‘’We joined Ausure because we knew as an Agent for 5 Underwriters that we were very limited with our options. To grow and expand the way we wanted to, we had to become part of an AR group. We checked out a few but none of them were the right fit for our business until we came across Ausure. It was a big decision and one we didn’t take lightly. We had a really good feel about Ausure and the people involved and we haven’t look back since. We have been able to achieve the growth that we wanted, as well as having the support that we have needed to do this as well.’’
Alex DunbarDunbar Insurance, Rockingham, WA
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“I am proud and grateful to be a member of Ausure. There is a really strong sense of community within the organisation and the support services are wonderful. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else and look forward to continuing my relationship with the Ausure group for many more years to come.’’
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Gerrit LabuschagneAusure Protect, QLD
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After extensive research and discussing the pro`s and cons of the various dealer groups with friends and colleagues in the industry, it was clear that Ausure was best suited for my needs. Providing compliance, accounting, marketing, Sales, training and claims support, Ausure wants to help, and nothing is too big or too small. The Ausure brand is known and respected, providing confidence to our clients that we are trusted advisors. Best-in-class technology with automated build-in compliance, templates, call recordings gives me a 360 view of my clients. It reduces the amount of time spent on timeconsuming tasks and compliance, helping us meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. “We care” is not just a slogan; Ausure genuinely cares for their clients and us as AR`s.

Interested to know more about Ausure?

Ausure is one of Australia’s largest insurance groups, offering flexible solutions to brokerages nationally.

Ausure prides itself on working with each individual office to provide them with the level of support and service they want. We understand that each owners goals, objectives and requirements are not the same, and therefore, we work with you to create a service model that is right for you. Whether you prefer to run your own business, with your own brand and processes, or you prefer to be out on the road with your clients and need someone to do the processing for you – we have a service model that is right for you.

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