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Your Guide to Insurance For Your Hospitality Business

Australia is home to more than 30,000 restaurants, 28,000 cafes and coffee shops and 9000 pubs, bars and nightclubs.

If you own a hospitality business, you probably know about the difficulties involved in running it. To avoid any financial losses or even the closure of your establishment, it’s important to be ready for these challenges and have adequate insurance coverage. Failing to do so can result in significant financial setbacks and risks to your business. Therefore, it’s crucial to safeguard your business against the most frequent risks faced by hospitality business owners.

Public Liability

In case a customer gets injured or sick while at your hospitality business, they may opt to seek compensation. This can happen if, for example, they slip on your dining room floor or get food poisoning from your food.

To help mitigate the financial impact of such claims from non-employee individuals, public liability insurance can provide coverage. The extent of coverage required will depend on the specific characteristics of your business.

“ Public & Product Liability insurance is a crucial addition to any business’s risk transfer program. Every hospitality business needs to engage an experienced broker to get this right. Your business will depend on it should a time arise when you are legally liable. Don’t get caught out, talk to your insurance brokers about ALL your activities conducted and/or products sold and they will find a solution to ensure you are properly covered for all exposures in the day to day running of your business”- John Mills, Broking Manager at Ausure

Property and machinery damage

If your hospitality business involves any cooking activities, there’s a potential risk of a kitchen fire. To help recover from such an event, property insurance can provide financial assistance to repair any damages resulting from a fire. Additionally, machinery insurance can be useful in replacing any damaged or destroyed equipment.

However, sometimes the repair process may take a while, especially if replacement parts need to be imported from abroad or aren’t easily available.

Business interruption

In the event of a catastrophic incident that disrupts your business operations, business interruption insurance can be beneficial. This type of insurance is specifically designed to provide financial support to help your business continue operating while you recover and rebuild. It can assist in covering ongoing expenses during this period.

“Aside from Public Liability I believe Business Interruption is one of most important coverages any hospitality business can have. It’s a must have for your business survival should an insured event occur and you cannot operate. This could mean as much as a few years out of business trade until your business is running at the same levels before the incident occurred. To insure correctly for your business profits, wages and expenses is crucial and such an important conversation to have with your insurance broker. This might also involve discussion with your accountant to get these figures correct as you may need to insure these amounts for a few years and take into account increased turnover trends” – John Mills, Broking Manager at Ausure 

Workplace Injuries

The nature of hospitality settings is often fast-paced and potentially dangerous, leading to a higher likelihood of workplace injuries such as burns, cuts, slips, and trips. To mitigate these risks, it’s important to have strict health and safety procedures in place and ensure that all employees receive sufficient training.

In the event that an employee sustains physical or mental harm while on the job, they may be eligible to seek compensation. As a result, having the appropriate worker’s compensation coverage can help to cover the costs associated with such claims.

Theft and burglary

Regrettably, business break-ins are a frequent occurrence that can affect various industries, including hospitality. These incidents can result in significant financial losses, such as damage or loss of inventory and contents, as well as related repair costs. Theft and burglary insurance can provide coverage to help mitigate these potential damages. This type of insurance can assist in recovering the costs incurred due to losses caused by forced entry or theft. By having this insurance in place, hospitality business owners can better protect themselves against the financial risks associated with break-ins.

Cover to Keep Your Hospitality Business Humming

If you haven’t assessed your business insurance recently, it’s recommended that you do so now. With changing business environments, it’s essential to ensure that your insurance policies remain up to date and provide adequate coverage for your hospitality business. Your broker can assist you in evaluating your current insurance coverage and identifying any gaps in your policies.

By reviewing your insurance now, you can ensure that your hospitality business is adequately protected against potential risks and losses. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an Ausure broker to discuss your hospitality insurance needs.

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