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M&M Podcast #16 – Part 2 with David Beard & Rolf Van Dulst of Coastsure Insurance Brokers

Hi all, in this episode, Millsy and I follow up with David & Rolf from Coastsure Insurance Brokers.  
We didn’t get through everything we wanted to in the last podcast, so in this one we deep dive on how Beardy & Rolf approach the concept of Value Adding.  It’s a concept that make sense but Beardy & Rolf give us their own unique perspective on it, from how they ensure the client sees more advice to how they engage their team keep adding Value and Advice, which is especially hard in a hard market.
We have a post credit scene (spoiler alert) where they touch on their unique and structured approach to Fees vs Commissions.  We’ll need a part 3 to cover this one off…

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