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Millsy & Mick Podcast #15 – Introducing David Beard & Rolf Van Dulst of Coastsure Insurance Brokers

In this episode, Millsy and I spend time with two absolutes gents (and gems) of the industry, David Beard & Rolf Van Dulst, recent winners of Ausure’s major award, the Jim McIlveen Award of Excellence.  This award puts Coastsure in rarefied air with our very successful brokers from previous years.  Beardy & Rolf talk about the many layers of strategic planning they (and their team) have in their business.  It was really motivating to hear how much thought they put in for their business to run so well now.  

We get our nerd on with topics like Service Propositions, Operational Planning, Culture, Team engagement to name a few, so hopefully anyone from any type of business can take something away from their insight.  Beardy & Rolf  are such great wordsmiths, they bring forth images of Moses and ducks.  You’ll get it when you listen…

So who are ‘Beardy & Rolf’? Unfortunately you’ll need more than a podcast to know that.  But if you are looking for some inspiration and insight…check this podcast out.
We had so much to cover that we didn’t get through it all.  So this podcast is part 1…stay tuned for more soon…
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