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M&M Podcast #17 – Part 3 Remuneration via Fees VS Commissions, with Coastsure Insurance Brokers

In this podcast we round out the trilogy by deep diving on nothing less than…remuneration via fees VS commissions. Beardy & Rolf from  Coastsure Insurance Brokers, give us their insight about how they approach charging fees only for a portion of their business, and what they see are the benefits.  
We get to hear about proper costing of time for staff throughout their business, and how this helps the client.  And funnily enough…the benefits of a clear Service Proposition come up again, in helping clients see the work we do.
Because this is such a large issue for our industry, we hope this insight from a successful business helps you feel a bit more connected, no matter what business you’re in or what your stance is for remuneration.  Even if that stance undecided!
We’re not sure if this one is a version of Godfather III, Police Academy III or Hangover III.  You be the judge…
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