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M&M Insurance Podcast #20 – General broking housekeeping

In this episode Millsy & I deep dive on some housekeeping issues that we see come across our desks recently. We shortlisted it to only 3 topics, which was hard to do with everything happening in the market. But we figured SCTP usage, Surveys & Training plans were the points to recap.
SCTP is such a great tool for quoting, client data and offering more advice, we think it should be used more than it is.  Surveys are here to stay, and we talk about how brokers can complete them and also how valuable independent surveys are.  And we talk through Training Plans and their value in getting us more comfortable in providing more advice, as in new products relevant to the client.
No guest stars on this podcast, just the dulcet tones of M&M talking about what we see come across our desks…
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