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M&M Podcast #29 – Bots, Flood, File notes & camping

Hi all, well we shook the cobwebs off the mic like a bartender shakes a margarita!   

In this episode, we deep dive into an array of topics…which is another way of saying our agenda was all over the place.  Millsy gives us his update on Flood Cover and some of the issues we’re facing with Denial of Access.  We segue beautifully into Bots and how they’re ready now to help with domestic quoting.  We recap some of the issues we’re seeing with file notes and how swapping work on a client file with a colleague can help a lot. 

Lastly, we get our camping nerd on…again.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the Camping registrations have gone out to the group.  This year will be even bigger….and better for the soul! Check it out and hopefully you can make some time in November for a proper catch up.

We hope you enjoy this one.     

Thank you.

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