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Episode 5 - M&M Insurance Podcast - P.D.D.Ohhhhhhh (Product Design & Distribution Obligation…or P.D.D.O)

In episode 5, Millsy and I wanted to get right on to this new little doozy that will affect us all, Product Design & Distribution Obligation…or P.D.D.O.  We talk about what it is, how we think it came about and the impact it has for clients, brokers and insurers.  Like most brokers, we’re unsure of the value it adds to the client but because it’s here to stay….we decided to chat about it.
Ausure is one of Australia’s largest insurance groups, offering flexible solutions to brokerages nationally. Estimated 80,000 clients, $400m Gross Written Premium, with more than $10 billion of clients assets protected.
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