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Millsy & Mick Podcast #14 – Operational Planning in 2022

In this episode, Millsy and I deep dive on all things about Operational Planning.  We see the silver lining of a hard market is the quality of submissions from our reps to insurers.  We discuss the benefits of contingency planning, like getting your work done in advance (as much as possible), especially for those tasks you can control, such as sending out Pre-Reviews to clients earlier.  We also talk about using more platforms where possible to get more advice to our clients.  Somehow the image of Millsy wrestling a bull by it’s horns creeps into the conversation, a la Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, which by the way is one of the greatest date night movies ever.
Sorry all, no guest star appearance on this podcast.  And while they have been the most popular, I’d like to think Millsy is star enough to carry us through on this one.
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