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How Much Does Public Liability Cost

In Australia, Public Liability insurance is a requirement for almost every business across every industry. Public Liability insurance offers crucial protection against third-party injury or property damage claims.

An Exposure We Can’t Ignore

It’s hidden away, lurking and waiting, dormant, sometimes for years, and with no change to its substance and only showing itself when the worst happens.

Payment Scams

Ausure is pleased to announce the launch of its Subsidised Diploma Program, focused on supporting Ausure brokers to complete their Diploma of Insurance Broking.

SWOT: Why Every Business Needs One

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of insurance broking, it is crucial for businesses to have a clear understanding of their internal and external environments.

Brush It Off Challenges For Startups

eorgia Spicer is the founder and owner of a unique and innovative product concept that came to life in 2017 with the first-ever sketch design of the tool. Brush It Off is all about making your life easier and gives homeowners a practical way to handle the necessary housekeeping chore of cleaning their toilets.


What value should I insure my commercial building for?

It is such an important question and could be one of the most important decisions you will make. Setting an accurate sum insured insurance for the replacement of your building is crucial and you need to get right if you are to be protected should your building be damaged or destroyed.

Cyber Crime – Why EVERY Business needs to heed the warning.

Unfortunately even the most Cyber Safety aware staff and business owners can still be ‘Cyber Attacked’. It’s not just on you – if you have staff, the risk of them opening an email, clicking on a link or accidentally sharing confidential client information is even greater.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Defamation Insurance: Who needs it and why?

In the age of social media, if you or one of your employees writes or says something false or defamatory about someone, you could be accused of libel or slander and wind up in court. Even if the accusations of defamation are inaccurate, you may still have legal fees.

Home Insurance

Why house insurance premiums can be deceiving

Not all Home and Contents insurance policies are created equal, with the rising cost of living and inflation predicted to hit 7.2 percent, many homeowners are looking to tighten their belts when it comes to premiums paid.

Ausure Networking Meeting

Ausure Regional Networking Meetings Officially Underway

The first Ausure Regional Networking Meetings since 2019 have officially kicked off, with a meeting held in Brisbane on the 5th of July at the Victoria Park Golf Club followed by the Sunshine Coast Networking Meeting, which was held on the 7th of July at the Sunshine Coast Mantra.

Ways to reduce your business insurance premium 

Our brokers have continued to assist their clients head on with the ever-hardening market with decreased availability, higher premiums, lower policy limits, increased excesses, limiting exclusions, and less competition between insurers. 

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