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Reliable Insurance for your Truck Fleet

Truck Fleet Insurance

Ausure are trusted insurance specialists in the transport and trucking industry. We understand that every trucking business is a little bit different in how they are run and operated. Ausure take the time to carefully review your business to ensure you have the right cover at an affordable price. Ausure will discuss the different transport and trucking insurance products available to you, and the cause and effect of claims. This will allow you to make an informed decision, on what insurance cover is right for you and your business.

Insurance Made Easy

We make it easy to organise your Personal insurance by offering flexible payment solutions including premium repayment options* and same day certificate of currencies to get you on site tomorrow.

We know what you need

Insurance can be a confusing process, particulary if you don’t know what you need. We’re experts when it comes to Personal insurance. Don’t be left wondering if you’re covered at claim time, we got you covered.

We're On Your Side

Using a broker for your Personal insurance means that you have someone fighting as your ally at claim time. We work for you, not the insurer. We manage the entire claims process for you, so you can focus on getting back to work.

What type of Insurance do you need for your Fleet?

Business Pack for Owners

Tradies that own their own business need to consider different types of policies to those that work for the company as contractors.

General Property

Get the items that keep you working insured - from mobile phones, laptops and computers right through to tools - we got you covered.

Downtime Insurance

Commercial Motor will protect you in the event of an accident, theft or damage to your work vehicle.

We're here to help.

We compare policies from trusted insurers, to find you the right cover at an afforable price.

We are the trusted, Truck Fleet Insurance experts in Australia.

Ausure we care Insurance Broker

Frequently Asked Questions about Fleet Insurance

What is considered a 'Fleet' in Australia?

Usually, if you have more than 15 ‘units’ or vehicles – it’s considered a fleet. Generally there is also no limit to how many vehciles you can have under the policy.

What should I consider when looking at Fleet Insurance?

When considering Insurance for a transport business most go directly to a Comprehensive conventional policy without considering the alternatives. Every business is uniquely different along with the business owners and managing directors inside. When it comes to insurers, not all are created equally. There are insurers that have risen to the top and have become industry staples, don’t always go chasing the cheapest quote because more than likely in the years to follow that competitive premium wont be there and issues with claims will arise. Seek insurance solutions locally. Local security, local offices.

Why should I use an Insurance Broker?

Ausure are highly knowledgeable in the transport and mining industries. It is important businesses seek insurance experts within their own industry. Whilst the products on the surface look the same, the way they are managed can have huge impacts on future premiums and the businesses themselves. Insurance is only great when it pays out on a claim. We offer long term insurance solutions for our clients and actively manage the claims that are submitted.

What does Burning Costs/Burner policy mean?

An option obtained under a transport package or motor fleet policy burning cost or also known in the insurance industry as a burner policy can be defined as an alternative way for the insured to have their annual premium calculated and charged. The client has the option to take a minimum deposit premium which is cheaper than the conventionally charged premium. At the end of the insurance period, there will be an adjustment made based on the number of claims made during the insurance period. If the claims are below the threshold no adjustment will be made. If the claim amount incurred is above the predetermined threshold a calculation is made to the formula and the client will pay an adjustment that could be as high as the predetermined maximum adjustment premium.
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