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Wholesale Trade Insurance

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Wholesale Trade

Wholesale trade businesses are often exposed to significant risks from fire damage to warehouse buildings and contents including machinery and products. Demands from third parties for compensation due to bodily injury caused by products can also threaten continued success…

These exposures and cargo or transit exposures from stock movements or storage can be accentuated when goods are imported or exported. Even stock that does not enter the warehouse may require protection, depending on the terms of purchase and logistic contracts. The analysis and understanding of your business and its individual risks interconnect, , is important to insuring against all of the risks. We have specialist Ausure Advisers who are experienced in the management of wholesale trade business insurance policies.

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Speak to Ausure Insurance Brokers about your Business Insurance

Speak to Ausure Insurance Brokers about your Business Insurance

Please let us know how we can help you with your insurance needs.  

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