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Jason, MD of Ausure Townsville shares why listening to your insurance adviser pays off

Having worked as a trusted insurance adviser for 35 years, Jason Hautaniemi of Ausure Townsville has many good news stories to share about helping clients with risk management and good claims outcomes:

“Yes, we have lots of amazing stories about claims going well,” reflects Jason. “One example that comes to mind was with a grazing client of mine. This large grazier client had a truck and trailer rollover on his property. It was actually a truck and 5 trailers and it was loaded with cattle.”


Insurance Tip No 1:

“A general rule of thumb for me is if the client has trucks or livestock trailer, I automatically include cover for Transit on their policy. It’s cheap and in the event like a rollover they’ll be glad they have the cover.

I lodged the claim for the vehicles and contacted his stock agent directly for assistance in putting together the claim.

The amazing thing about this claim is that the client had initially argued with me about including the transit cover on his policy, claiming it was a waste of money. However, after this incident occurred, seeing him practically tear up when we could financially help out with his unexpected loss … This was a real feel good moment which I won’t forget.”

Insurance Tip No 2:

Cyber-crime has become a worldwide issue affecting everyone. Don’t think it can’t affect you as an individual or a company. Jason highly recommends: Be sure to insure yourself against financial losses, caused by cyber-crime and attacks. Cover starts from as little as $99 for $50,000.”

 You can ask Jason about cyber policies available to protect individuals, as well as tailored cover for small to large businesses.

Insurance Tip No 3:

 We know things can be tough with weather and insurance up north in Queensland. What topical news and local advice does Jason have for people?

Up here in North Queensland, we are unfortunately confronted with more expensive premiums, fewer insurers, high cyclone excesses and often risks where we just can’t get any terms for with insurers,” reflects Jason.

 “The best tip I can give any insurance broker up here is to pre-condition your client to the situation as soon as possible. This educates clients about the dynamics of the current market and helps them understand so their expectations are realistic.

Jason Hautaniemi is Managing Director of Ausure Townsville Insurance Brokers located in the Townsville suburb of Kirwan. Being local helps him and his team really get to know his local community and their concerns and insurance needs well. Does his team specialise in a certain type of insurance? “I have always thought of myself as a bit of a General Practice insurance broker, being that we don’t specialise in any one product or profession. We try to help everyone, from the guy who just wants to insure his car, right through to major fleets.”

"We try to help everyone and treat everyone with equal importance. An older broker told me once it’s vital to treat the person ordering the glass of water, as well as the person buying a cocktail, in the same way. Some of those smaller clients turn out to be ‘whales’, as businesses grow and thrive."

Bonus Insurance Tip No 4:

Good advice and service in business always pays off – clients refer you. Jason Hautaniemi receives glowing reviews from his clients. Just take a look at some of the client feedback below.

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